May 26, 2024

Old-school men’s style tips that are back in fashion

There has been a preconceived notion, as old as time itself, that you can only look a certain way at a certain place. That led to people, even to this day, search for an opportunity to ‘look good.’ And in many instances, the ‘opportunity’ has almost always been a party or someone’s wedding.

You can break the norm by simply dressing up to look good and in the process, feel happy. You can incorporate a good dressing sense into your daily life and various occasions with the help of your updated wardrobe. Why? Because you will look situationally good and it will boost your self-esteem.

Still, knowing what is appropriate can leave few clueless. For this, we will go old-school; styles that have made a full revolution and are now back in the limelight. Having said that, some of you might find it difficult to know what was old-school.

With that in mind, here are some refreshers to get you back up to speed.

Commuter Casuals

You do not need to go back to the drawing board for this one. All you need are basic solid T-shirts, jeans, flannel shirts and a pair of converse or sneakers. Trust us! These are all you need to look good!

You can class it up by wearing good old khaki-coloured pants and a solid white T-shirt and white sneakers. A bit old-school, but you can ride this outfit with a cool breeze attitude.

Tips: Try to take inspiration from your favourite ’90s and early 2000s sitcoms. Always a great place to start!

Night Out Garbs

This is where you get to dress up, but only a little. It is often the perfect time to wear one of your nice loafers with a nicer summer jacket. Nothing too loud or shiny. The idea is being subtle, not to audition for a Bollywood wedding song.

You can put together dark denim with a relaxed fit top in which you can move around more freely. You need to be comfortable in your ensemble to look sharp and effortless.

Tips: Avoid wearing tight-fit pants. Your lower body also needs to breathe! Slim fit is the way to go!

Business as Usual

Wearing the right fit blazer during your business hours will always be to your advantage. While tapping away on your keyboard in your cubicle, you should dress as someone might for a client-facing job. There are plenty of variations within this category. This generally means a suit or a blazer, and khaki or navy-blue bottoms.

You can experiment with a button-down shirt with a sports blazer and khakis. This will not only exude confidence in your workplace, but also a playful attitude.

Tips: Please do not wear sneakers. It does not make you look edgy. You are not a teenager anymore. Chelsea boots are the way to go!

Tuxedo Nights

This is where you bring you’re A-game. You should go the extra mile than you usually do every day. We are talking about double monk dress shoes, automatic dress watches, bespoke full canvas suits and last but not least, a good cologne. These are investments you will need to make sooner or later. For suits, when in doubt, wear black.

Tips: Your tailor will play a huge role in this attire. Do not spare any small change and get the right fit and right measurements. You will not regret it.

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