July 13, 2024

5 tips to impress the girls

A lot of your success in the dating arena does depend on your personality and conversation skills, but looking well-groomed and put together can go a long way in impressing the chicas. Here’s how you start…

STAY CLEAN: Observing good hygiene needs to become your new lifestyle. Nobody is attracted to a man whose armpits reek of onions. Make sure your teeth are clean and your breath doesn’t smell. A girl always notices a guy who follows a good hygiene rule.

CLEAN THE FUZZ: Ear and nose hair adds years to a man, coupled with the clear message that he doesn’t pay attention to the finer details of his own body. Not only does trimming nose and ear hair stop you from looking like a crusty uncle, it also subtly makes your face appear generally cleaner.

KEEP NAILS SHORTS: Overgrown nails are unattractive. Your nails shouldn’t be longer than hers, and they definitely shouldn’t be full of dirt. Use a nail clipper regularly. Or go for the occasional manicure/pedicure.

MOISTURISE: Men’s lip balm is generally cheap, easily available and is becoming one of the norms in today’s world of male grooming. While at it, get a good lotion to take care of dry elbows and knees.

BEAUTIFY YOUR BEARD: Be it long or a classic five o’clock shadow, make sure your beard complements the shape of your face and gives it the love it deserves. You’ll find an array of beard care products from softening oils and lotions to combs online.

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