July 13, 2024

10 Styling Tips To Look Your Best In Cargo Pants

Men have less variety in clothes. But still, the options are plenty. Especially if you already have a favourite pant style.

Other than jeans, cargo pants are quite popular amongst men. But most of them save their cargo for occasions like hangouts or trekking. But with the right styling tips up your sleeves, you can wear your comfy cargo pants anywhere.

Learn and understand more styling options to look your best. Here are some cargo pants styling tips you can use on a daily basis.

1. Understand The Three Styles Of Cargo Pants

  • Classic utility pants
  • Cargo Joggers
  • Skinny combat trousers

2. Choose According To Your Body Type

Cargo pants are often made in loose patterns. So they might not be suitable for every body type. The best cargo pants are made in a slim or straight cut.

Oversize cargo pants are also popular but they may make you appear fuller and shorter. Choose your cargo based on your body type.

3. Pay Attention To The Fabric

The style and pattern of the cargo are the first two steps but don’t ignore its fabric. Cotton or corduroy material is always fine in cargo. It’s best to choose from these.

4. Cargo Pants and Denim Jacket

The cargo pants complement military jackets really well. But wearing a military jacket with cargo will only give an impression that you’ve been back from a mission. So go for a denim jacket instead.

Wear hiking boots with them. If it is summer, then an oversized T-shirt and white sneakers can also be worn with pants.

5. Look For The Best Of Features

Cargo pants aren’t your regular pants. They have features like-

  • Pleated front
  • Well-sewn hem
  • Muted colours

6. T-shirt Vs. Shirt

Not a shirt but a T-shirt with a chunky crew neck is preferred with cargo pants. Turtle neck T-shirts also look great with the cargo.

7. Don’t Shy Away From Printed Cargo

Printed cargo pants look great. You can wear them with shirts of multiple colours and patterns. You’ll be able to create more than a couple of looks with printed cargo pants.

8. Cargo Can Be Worn In a Formal Setup

Cargo pants are often categorised as casual wear. Men often wear them for fun or at a get-together with friends. But very few people are aware that cargo can also be included in formal wear.

You should have khaki and cargo pants for that. A white shirt and coat will also go well with it. Finish the look with accessories like a watch and belt.

9. Sneakers To Enhance The Look Of Cargo

If you want a chill and casual look by wearing cargo then you have to combine these pants with sneakers. It can be said that only sneakers complete the look of cargo.

Just wear them with a T-shirt or a button-down shirt. With this look, if you go to any kind of party of friends, you will definitely become his life.

10. Cargo Pants On Holidays

Cargo pants not only look good in look but they are also considered to be the best in terms of comfort. Therefore, cargo can be considered the best outfit on holidays.

Cargo pants must be carried with you wherever you go on vacation. With these pants, whether you have to carry luggage or walk a long distance, everything is easily done.

That too with complete comfort. That’s why these pants are also a companion for holiday fun. Don’t forget to take them with you for the next holidays.

11. Your Weekend Look

Cargo pants are great for when you have plans to have fun on the weekends. If you wear a striped T-shirt with these pants, you’ll look great.

Throw in a decent slipper and you’re good to go.

12. Cargo Pants & Pockets

When buying cargo pants, pay attention to their pocket. Choose these pants based on how big the pockets are and where they are leaning. The bigger the pocket, the wider your legs will appear.

So choose the cargo keeping in mind your body type. Like if your legs are thin then big pockets will work but if your legs are thick then these pockets aren’t the best idea. You can consider cargo with hip pockets.

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