July 13, 2024

15 Fashion Tips You Wish You Knew When You Were Young

These fashion tips are for you if you are in your 20s, still trying to figure out your style, mainly just wanting to fit in

Perpetually lost and in a state of confusion is a common theme among women in their 20s. A woman’s life in her 20s is a time of transition between teenhood and adulthood. You are not old enough to make life-changing decisions but old enough to be held accountable for your mistakes and can no longer excuse yourself from your responsibilities.

Women in their 20s also love experimenting with their style to find what suits them most or what best complements their outlook in life. Sometimes you go way overboard buying new clothes that will only end up at the back of your closet, never to catch the light again.

And with that, we present to you some of the fashion tips you wish you knew when you were young.

1. Figuring out your style

Your 20s are a journey of self-discovery. Sometimes you will feel like an outcast, wanting to fit in. Most days are spent trying to deduce what style suits you best. Trends are everywhere – but they also change just as fast.

While in your 20s, you should learn to cut yourself some slack, try out new fashions, and experiment with different looks until you figure out the kind of style you like and own it.

2. Love yourself, flaws and all

Often, you will hear people tell you to flaunt your imperfections and use them to your advantage. Sometimes it is best to break social construct and start your kind of revolution. Do not let what you see in magazines sway you into thinking that you are full of flaws.

Learning to love yourself is a step towards body positivity and empowerment. Do not let society dissuade you from gaining confidence just because people say your body type does not conform to their definition of “beauty”.

3. Invest in yourself as well

Investing in yourself should be at the top of your priority list. Have fun, go on vacations, enrol and get your master’s degree or any further studies, and attend a photography class. Do things that will make you happy, and become a well-rounded person.

These experiences will last you a lifetime, and the life lessons you will learn along the way. Do not just invest in expensive clothes, although they can give you momentary happiness.

4. Buy expensive shoes, good quality shoes.

“Good shoes will take you to good places” – Min Seo Hyun, Boys Over Flowers.

Investing in shoes of quality material means spending your money on something that will last. Shoes and accessories are the finishing touches that complete your ensemble.

A woman who wears beautiful shoes can confidently take on the world. And if there’s one thing a patriarchal society fears, it’s a confident woman who knows she can slay.

As the saying goes: no pain, no gain. But do not compromise your comfort just because a pair of shoes looks too good to pass up. What is the use if you can only take them out on special occasions because they hurt like crazy only minutes after you try them on?

5. Buy basics that go well with everything.

These so-called “boring” pieces are essential and should be in every woman’s closet. They can save you time and money, and you need not spend hours on end just putting together an ensemble that would go well together.

Have sweaters, tank tops, slacks, shirts, and shorts in white, grey, cream, and black. Or any of these pieces in a neutral colour; they go with everything, and you can always use accessories to accentuate.

6. Invest in handbags for your everyday use

Luxury brands are an investment nowadays. Sadly, not everyone can afford these pricey fashion pieces. But what you should invest in is a classic handbag for everyday use. You do not need expensive pieces; you just need one that can contain all your essentials.

7. Be strategic in your spending.

“I have nothing to wear.”

Yes, it’s true. Women tend to overlook the clothes they already have in their closets, especially when stuck in style ruts. You can go overboard, spending vast amounts on shopping sprees. The cycle continues: you get new clothes that will end up sitting in your closet, never to be worn.

Don’t let this happen to you. Make an inventory of your clothes, and see if you have everything you need. It won’t hurt to splurge on your wants, but not when you do it ever so often.

8. Invest in what you already have

Use whatever you already have in your closet and experiment with new styles. You may tend to forget what is already in your wardrobe and not realise how many great pieces you have hidden at the back of your closet.

Always double-check your wardrobe before you go out and buy something new because you thought you are yet to have one. Familiarise yourself with everything that is in your closet. This way, you will avoid unnecessary spending.

Let a tailor restore your pieces if they need repairing, do not just throw them away because they look a little worn out.

9. Invest in things you can use for more than just one occasion

Out to attend a wedding? A birthday bash? Bachelorette party? Or a simple reunion dinner with family or friends? Buying clothes, especially for the occasion, seems like an automatic response. It’s a special occasion, deserves to be graced with your presence, and you are clad in everything new.

We are here to tell you to stop that habit. It’s good to look your best for a special occasion, but admittedly it is not budget-friendly. You can still look good with your old pieces; know how to accessorise and pair up your clothes.

10. Only buy or keep things that fit or suit you.

You may be holding on to something because it has sentimental value. We would do the same, especially if the piece in question has been passed on from one generation to the next.

But you may also be holding on to these items that no longer fit you because you are hoping they will again, someday. To buy a smaller size as motivation to lose weight is a mindset that can sometimes put you in hot water.

But it’s not as worth investing in the ones you can use. It’s the same with you holding on to pieces that do not suit you. Just because it looks pleasing on someone else does not mean it will also look good on you.

11. Don’t buy something just because they are on sale.

50% off on all your purchases? You will check it out at the counter; because that’s buying something half the price. That would be a good purchase, indeed. But only if the piece is something that you need.

Just because something is on sale does not mean it is already worth buying. No matter how affordable it is, if you have no intention of using it, you waste your money on something useless.

12. If you buy something, get rid of old ones.

Keep your wardrobe at a moderate size by adopting the one-in, one-out policy. Whenever you add something new, it is time to give away one of your older pieces; you can always choose to donate them. It is also one way for you to be more calculating about the things you buy; you’ll think twice before buying something.

13. Timeless pieces are your best friends.

Classic, timeless pieces are made of quality materials that will last to your next generation. You should invest more in cotton, wool, linen, and silk pieces; these four fabrics are proven to endure the test of time with proper care and storage.

These fabrics come in various must-have pieces that you can add to your wardrobe. So get your cashmere sweaters or linen dresses; they are about to outlast each other.

14. Wear clothes that flatter your body type

Clothes that complement your body type will instantly look well out. Some clothes do not go well with certain body types; instead of accentuating your assets, they look more like a flaw. Put together an ensemble that will make you look taller if you are petite or smaller if you want to look thinner.

15. Do not be afraid to invest in uniform pieces.

Just because you already have something similar does not mean you can no longer buy something of the same quality or design. We’re talking about the same designs of different colours or the same colour of different designs. Who would want an entire wardrobe of only bright pink overalls and identical pairs of pencil skirts?

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