July 13, 2024

5 amazing kids styling tips for mommies

Over the years, kids’ fashion has come a long way, particularly in the arena of designer clothing. Nowadays, children are exposed to fashion from an early age with easy access to screens and Smartphones at all times – and they are probably more aware of the trending fashion than the millennial parents are. Nevertheless, kids can be fussy when it comes to clothing, so you want to be sure about getting the right style for your child keeping in mind his or her needs and taste.

Here are a few amazing, timeless kids’ fashion tips for all mommies out there –

1. Comfort is key

The smartest thing to do when styling kids is to ensure that they are comfortable in their clothes. Kids can carry off any outfit with grace and confidence only if they are absolutely comfortable and at ease. An ill-fitting, itchy pair of pants or a top made of polyester or vinyl is definitely not the right pick for your child and it will only keep them distracted through the day. When you’re getting your kid all decked up for a special occasion or a casual outing, make sure that the fabric is light, soft and breathable, and the cut allows them to run and move around freely. Avoid clothes with ties and flimsy, poorly stitched buttons, or outfits that your kid needs help putting on or taking off easily. You should also avoid items that you are struggling to dress them in – after all, dressing up should be fun and not stressful!

2. Keep it simple, don’t overdress them

So you’re all set for the big fat family wedding and you want your child to put on a nice look altogether, just enough to steal the show – but if they are not keen on dressing up, try not to force it on them. There is a variety of comfortable clothing options for kids, which looks fantastic when paired with the right kind of accessories. Try to keep it minimal and don’t go overboard. For instance – if you’re dressing up your kid in a gorgeous pair of Lehenga-Choli for the evening, a nice pair of earrings and shoes should be just enough to complete the look. If your little one loves donning a fancy frock, team it up with a cute head-bow and a pair of fancy shoes. Remember, while it may not be acceptable for you to dress down at the event, children get a pass.

3. Style them according to the weather

Dressing up children appropriately for the right weather is another major styling tip to keep in mind. While it’s okay for us to choose a strappy party dress and leave the coat behind for the New Years Eve because we don’t want the hassle of carrying it around all day long, our kids don’t have that choice. Therefore, ensure that the clothes you make them wear complement the weather. For instance, an easy-breezy cotton frock with minimum layers should be the ideal pick for the summer. You can style it with a smart hat and a pair of sandals. Alternatively, the perfect winter outfit for your little boy should be a stylish pair of jeans and a shirt, teamed with a nice jacket or blazer and a smart pair of boots.

4. Don’t let them grow up too fast

From the time they are toddlers, kids imitate everything that we do around them. They may want to put on mommy’s lipstick or daddy’s shoes. Many few fashion trends are out there these days that are a little too grown-up for children. It’s okay sometimes to put your foot down and offer tasteful alternatives that appease their desires of growing up too fast while still preserving their innocence. Make them understand that applying face cream and a soothing lip balm may be fine, but mommy’s makeup kit is definitely out of reach.

5. Allow kids to have an input

We understand how much you must enjoy styling your little munchkin and picking the right outfit for them, but once in a while, let your kids decide for themselves. If your child is between 2years and 4 years, start by allowing them to choose between options. For instance, ask them ‘Which shirt would you like to wear today? The red one or the blue one?’ Being able to make a decision at this stage can help build their confidence. It is normal for kids to be a little choosy as they grow up. For kids around 6-8 years, you can employ the same tactic while shopping. Let them choose from a range of pre-selected outfits, depending on their comprehension and age. Once they have picked an outfit, you can move on to asking them questions, like ‘What do you want to pair this with?’ By asking such questions, you can help your kids articulate their opinions on fashion and learn more about their choices and preferences in the process.

There are a number of things to look out for when dressing up children. Luckily, with these styling tips, it will get better and you will learn how to keep your child updated with the latest fashion trends while catering to their taste and preferences in no time.

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