December 1, 2023

5 Fashion Blunders That Make A Skinny Guy Appear Skinnier & How To Look Muscular Instead

In the interest of demystifying what looks good on a skinny guy, here are a few fashion blunders to steer clear of.

1. Wearing Tight Fits

Nothing announces your presence like a well-fitted outfit, but not in your case. If you’re struggling to appear more muscular, you need to work with illusion.

Skinny guys need silhouettes that create the illusion of proportional width. Clothes that stick to your body are equally uncomfortable and draw attention to all the wrong places.

This is not to imply that XXL size is for you, but to clarify that avoiding the tight-fitting look is the first step to a more handsome you.

2. Too Many Stripes

Stripes are the boss of formal wear and casual tees. It’s why every share market wannabe to a stylish teen decks himself in a variety of stripes on his way up the career ladder. But stripes are not the answer for you, my man.

Sure, stripes can make you look taller and leaner. So great for you if you’re a short guy.

However, vertical stripes are of no use to someone who is already skinny. Try checks and prints instead if you’re a pattern kind of guy.

3. Skipping Layers

Tactical layering adds volume to a lean frame and is a great way for you to leave your insecurities behind as you play around with textures and colours.

However, too many layers can make you drown in your own sweat and appear like an overpampered child. Stick to one to two extra layers.

Start the layering with thinner and lighter fabric and then, add thicker ones after. Create a harmonious blend in terms of colour palette and patterns.

4. Not Being Wise With The Prints & Patterns

Have you ever seen a guy wearing a cool Hawaiian, tropical shirt and wondered what he was thinking? Big patterns aren’t for big, beautiful guys, but they can create a positive illusion for a skinny lad. Big floral prints can add bones to your silhouette.

Obviously, we aren’t asking you to throw random patterns together and hope for the best. We would still ask you to maintain a balance.

Go for denim, flannel, tweed or corduroy to appear chunky.

5. Ditching The Collars

As a skinny guy, consider crewnecks your best friend. Put on an outfit with sturdy necklines and a firm collar to signal strength and power—button-up shirts, Polo shirts, funnel necks, collared sweaters, shawl necks, turtlenecks, etc.

The Bottomline

A slim man must play with volume to add shape to his silhouette. That’s the key, of course. Pleated trousers, knitted sweaters and boxy coats are for you to appear broader and bulkier silhouette. Try it and let us know if you like your new look.

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