February 27, 2024

5 style tips for skinny men that they can follow

Calling all skinny guys out there!

While most of us dream of becoming thin and lean, there are some who are blessed naturally with it.

However, for such folks, wrong styling can be a bummer, especially when it makes them look more thin and bony.

Fret not, here are five fashion tips for skinny men that can make them look super chic.

Steer clear of stripes, especially vertical ones

Stripes are one of the most trendy patterns, however, they are a big no-no for skinny men.

While yes, vertical stripes make a person look taller, they also make them appear thinner.

However, you may wear horizontal stripes as this pattern makes one look broader.

Apart from that, you can consider other prints like floral or checks to improve your styling.

Learn to layer your clothes

Layering isn’t just fashionable but also adds volume to one’s body shape.

With that said, it’s a godsend for thin men who want to appear a tad bit broader.

You can wear a t-shirt and layer it over with a shirt of your choice to bulk out your frame.

Sweaters and casual blazers that are perfect for all seasons can do the job too.

Wear slim-fit jeans instead of baggy or skinny ones

Thin men should avoid buying skinny jeans that are too tight as they can show how skinny their legs are.

They should also avoid baggy jeans as they make their legs appear smaller.

What they should definitely wear is a pair of slim-fit jeans as it gives the perfect shape to their legs.

It has a tight fit with a tapered leg opening.

Augment your neck with a collar

Crewnecks are the perfect choice for skinny men as they offer a sturdy and broad neckline.

In addition to this, you can also consider wearing clothes with collar types that are strong and firm.

Button-up shirts, polo shirts, collared sweaters, crewneck sweaters, and garbs with shawl necks, zip necks, turtlenecks, and funnel necks are some of the most suitable options for you.

Wear high-ankle shoes or sneakers

As a skinny man, you should avoid wearing heavy and wide shoes as they may look bigger than your legs.

Instead, you should slide your feet inside a pair of thin but high-ankle shoes or sneakers.

These shoes can cover your ankle and bunch up the cuffs of your pants, adding the illusion that your legs are bulky.

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