October 4, 2023

5 Tips And Tricks To Clean Makeup Brushes

Here’s a list of easy ways to clean makeup brushes easily at home.

We have been using makeup brushes and sponges for a very long time for painting, contouring and highlighting our faces, maybe even every day. But how often have you thought of cleaning these brushes? Cleaning the brushes and makeup tools once a month is not enough since you are directly applying them on your face. These face tools become a deadly pool of bacteria causing breakouts, rashes and other skin problems, if not kept well or cleaned regularly. So, cleaning makeup brushes regularly, taking good care of them, and simply throwing them away when their shelf lives come to an end are the best ways of protecting your skin from unwanted infections. Here are some easy ways to clean your makeup brushes at home.

5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes At Home

1. Use Shampoo For Soft Bristles

Make a diluted makeup brush cleanser by adding baby shampoo or the regular shampoo you use for your hair, to lukewarm water. The soft bristles of your makeup brushes need to be cleaned carefully as they can break easily. Wash the brushes you use for applying concealers or highlighters, at least once a week.

2. Use Dish-Washing Soap For Synthetic Brushes

The synthetic brushes are tougher and sturdy and can be washed with dish-washing soap or detergents without causing any harm to them. You can add the soap to lukewarm water and wash your brushes in the cleanser.

3. Hold Your Brushes In Running Water

After cleaning the brushes in the cleansers depending upon the quality of the brushes, let the soap lather. Hold the brushes upside down under running water. Let the water flow till the lather vanishes. Be careful of not letting the water seep into the brushes.

4. Dry Using Microfibre Towel

After washing the brushes clean, dry them against a microfibre towel or napkin. Do not be harsh on the brushes and avoid rubbing them against each other or the towel. Let the brushes sit on the cloth till they are completely dry in the open air.

5. Use Liquid Soap For Sponges

For cleaning your makeup sponges after highlighting or contouring, prepare a cleansing solution in a bowl with liquid soap and lukewarm water. Immerse the makeup sponges in the bowl and let it sit for a while. Squeeze the sponges a few times to remove the soap solution and hold it in running water. After removing all the excess soap, dry the sponges in a clean cloth.

We hope you find our tips useful to clean your makeup brushes easily at home. To avoid skin inflammations and breakouts it is advisable to keep the makeup brushes, sponges and other tools clean and dry.

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