June 24, 2024

6 easy ways to make your eyes look bigger with makeup

You’ll just need a few simple tweaks to amp up your eyes and wake up your face

Emphasising your eyes to make them look brighter and more awake can make all the difference in your overall beauty look. But how do you fake Bambi-eyes when you have dark circles and dullness and are seriously lacking in the sleep department? Reach for your makeup kit. To hasten your AM beauty routine, we quizzed makeup pros Namrata Soni and Arti Nayar for their take.

1. Conceal!

Dark circles can make eyes appear smaller, so cancelling out the purple and blue undertones is key. For best results, choose a concealer shade that is lighter and warmer than your skin tone, and buff underneath and around the eyes to get uniform coverage.

2. Curl your lashes

Curling your lashes may seem like an extra step but it’s one that you’ll never regret. It helps fan them out and make you look more awake. “It’s important to learn how to use a lash curler and make sure it’s a good quality one. It will change the way your eyes look—wide and beautiful,” says Soni. Follow this up with mascara—and lots of it! Use a lengthening formula along the lower and upper lashes and swipe up and out. An additional swipe in the centre of your upper lash line will help draw the eye upwards.

3. Add nude shadows to the crease

A tip that makeup artists swear by is using neutral colours in the crease. Soni loves using browns and nude shades in the crease to help open up the eyes. “You could apply a soft brown colour on the crease of the lid to bring more dimension to the eye. What a soft matte brown colour does is help give the illusion of a wider lid but without making it too prominent. Start shading at the outer corner going inwards with a fluffy brush,” shares Nayar. For this, applying pigment in small circles and blending with a tapered blending brush can help control where you’re depositing pigment.

4. Tight-line your eyes

Another Namrata Soni-approved tip: draw a thin line along the base of your upper lashes. This helps frames the eyes and add a defined shape. Another easy hack? “Use a white or flesh-coloured eye pencil on the waterline to brighten and widen, says Nayar.

5. Rely on winged eyeliner

Since you want the focus to be on the outer edge of the eye, going thicker and upwards with an eyeliner flick portion can help. “Just make sure to draw a small line on the bottom lash line to join the wing to make it look complete as well as to help the eye look bigger,” says Nayar. “Use brown liner at the bottom to connect, making the eyes look longer too,” says Soni.

6. Finish with a strong highlight

Yes, highlighter really is the answer to everything. Use a pearly eyeshadow or highlighter across brow bone and also dab it in the inner corners as well as on the centre of your lids. This will help your eyes pop while also opening them up and look more lifted.

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