June 24, 2024
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6 living room furniture trends to try in 2024, according to interior designers

These living room furniture trends are sure to inspire a refresh according to interior designers.

Every room in the home has its function, and when it comes to the living room, it’s all about relaxing, unwinding, and enjoying downtime. Whether you prefer to put your feet up as you tune into your favorite series, create a casual social space to relax with friends, or curl up and read a book, balancing comfort and style is paramount to creating a living room that blends function and beauty.

Although color and decor come into play, your living room furniture can make all the difference to both the appearance and comfort of your space. If you’re thinking of updating your living room this year, there are plenty of furniture trends that are sure to inspire a refresh.

Whether you want to inject coziness with new upholstery or create a more cohesive layout, we’ve asked interior designers to share their thoughts on the living room furniture trends exciting them this year.

The biggest living room furniture trends for 2024

Changing your living room furniture can breathe new life into your space. Whether you’re opting for a furniture overhaul or some subtle updates to add a sense of coziness, these living room furniture trends are a great place to start.

1. Patterned furniture

It’s no secret that 2024 is the year of injecting our spaces with personality and character, and this includes furniture. Instead of opting for the usual white or gray couch, this year’s living room furniture trends lean towards something with more interest, whether it’s pattern, color or unique details.

‘This year, living rooms are embracing flair with bolder colors, skirted furniture, and patterned upholstery. Even minimalist spaces can incorporate these trends! Classic stripes on sofas and rich jewel tones like browns, burgundy, blues, and greens create a look that’s both modern and timeless,’ says Emily Brown, of Emily Lauren Interiors.

‘The sterile white box is out. People want spaces that whisper stories, not shout trends. We’re beginning to ditch the Pinterest copy-paste and let our hearts guide us, drawing inspiration from travels, childhood memories, or favorite holiday retreats. These personal touches are beginning to take form with more depth, color, and earthy textures and layers which I am fully here for’ she adds.

If you’re not used to styling these more daring pieces in your living room, try pairing them with more subtle, neutral details to avoid overwhelming the space, or yourself! ‘We recently installed a classic striped sofa in front of a floor-to-ceiling linen curtain backdrop which added subtle warmth and depth. We grounded the sofa with a white oak and travertine coffee table which added earthy texture and visual weight,’ explains Emily.

2. Corduroy upholstery

Boucle furniture is the new kid on block dominating interior design trends, but this year, an old favorite is set to return. ‘Corduroy upholstery is becoming popular again, it’s a great alternative to rooms already saturated in boucle, linen or velvet,’ says Kelley Mason, associate art director at Lulu and Georgia.

Historically, this material has divided opinions, particularly in the fashion world, but it adds timeless appeal to a living room when used effectively. ‘I love this with a wider wale on an ottoman, accent chair or applied to a sofa or sectional, it’s so versatile,’ she adds.

Corduroy can be added to a living room in numerous ways. A footstool or ottoman is a great place to start – this will add interest to your living room without feeling overwhelming. The way you style corduroy furniture will make all the difference. ‘Done in a traditional form, I would style with other large patterned pieces for a textured, maximalist look. In a modern shape, I’d pair with a sleek solid viscose rug and warm woods,’ says Kelley.

3. Sofa skirts

More traditional furniture details are seeing a resurgence this year, adding timeless appeal to living room designs. One such feature that seems to be on-trend is sofa skirts. ‘A few things I’ve been noticing that are so popular for your living room are skirted sofas and bench seating. I love a good sink-in feeling and a slipcover or skirted sofa gives off a more relaxed look that everyone can pile on,’ says Bailey Todd, of White Cliff Studio.

Skirted sofas are typically a more traditional furniture feature, so to avoid creating a space that feels dated, consider pairing it with more contemporary features to add contrast. ‘I personally love to mix my seating style in a space like this. So when I have a skirted chair or sofa, I’ll make sure the other pieces in the room have a different base,’ explains Bailey.

This not only adds balance to the living room scheme, but it adds an err of eclectic, collected style that is proving popular this year. ‘In an upcoming project, I have a slipcovered sofa paired with a solid base sofa, two swivel chairs, and an ottoman with bullion fringe. This makes sure that each piece feels unique,’ Bailey adds.

4. Informal furniture layouts

Living room furniture trends are about more than just the individual items, but the way you arrange them in your space. A re-jig can create a completely new atmosphere in a space, and this year’s trends see living rooms taking a more informal approach.

‘Depending on the living room layout, we’ve been experimenting with more organic furniture layouts. You don’t always need to have that traditional look of a pair of sofas, pair of chairs and a coffee table. Curvier and more organic shapes can help achieve this,’ explains Shannon Wollack, founder of Studio Lifestyle.

Typically, a kitchen is the room we associate with socializing and entertaining, but there’s no reason a living room shouldn’t be able to function as a more cozy, casual social space. ‘In the past we’ve incorporated more lounge seating and a bar so the clients have a space for entertaining and relaxing,’ Shannon adds.

Whether you prefer interiors that err on the light neutral side, vibrant, colorful schemes, or designs that embrace a moody palette, this more casual living room layout can be achieved in any aesthetic. ‘We tend to carry a calming and soothing vibe into this space by using neutral and soft materials. If a client wants a little pop of color, we like to incorporate that pop in lounge chairs or accessories,’ says Shannon.

5. Exposed wooden frames and legs

Beautifully upholstered sofas and chairs add character and comfort to a living room, but leaning completely into one style can make a space feel dated. As such, furniture with exposed wooden frames and legs are set to trend this year, adding a contemporary addition to timeless furniture designs.

‘Instead of having your standard upholstered sofa and chairs in your living room I’m seeing a lot more chairs where the design is all about having a beautiful wood frame as a highlight and having the upholstery be secondary,’ says Bailey Todd. ‘I love this because sometimes we need to break up all of the upholstery and add in some pieces with a cool frame detail.’

This needn’t be applied to every piece of furniture in your living room. Keep it contained to just the couch, or introduce the exposed wood element through accent chairs or an ottoman – the key here is to simply break up and add breathing space amongst the upholstery, not to create a wood-themed scheme.

6. Free-standing cabinets

Shifting the focus to other furniture pieces in the living room, the trends this year are moving away from built-in cabinetry, and instead favoring unique, free-standing additions.

‘Prior to years past where everyone had built ins, we are seeing many living rooms with standalone cabinet pieces so to still have storage, but with something a bit more unique,’ says Bailey Todd, explaining ‘this adds character and is versatile if you ever want to move or change it out.’

Free-standing pieces are a great way to introduce antique or vintage furniture into your space, giving your room a more lived-in, loved feel. In a living room, a console table, bureau, or tall shelving unit offers visual interest without feeling too bulky. ‘I love adding in a tall cabinet piece to display family photos, books, art, and other accessories. It makes it feel personalized but also styled without feeling like everything is completely exposed,’ adds Bailey.

Living room furniture trends all point towards creating unique spaces that feel personal and err on the more timeless side. Whether you add interest through color and pattern, introduce texture with an alternative upholstery fabric, or simply rethink your living room layout to create a more relaxed social space, these trends will certainly inspire a refresh.

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