June 24, 2024
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7 Cheap Ways to Give Your House an Expensive Look

Who doesn’t want to learn cheap ways to give your house an expensive look?

It’s fun to have an expensive look without the expensive price tag, don’t you agree? Here are seven ways to get what you want without spending what you don’t have.

Hang Your Curtains High

If you want to give your room a bigger look and your windows more of an expansive feel, hang curtains high, even higher than the top windowsill if you can! Not only will your ceilings also appear higher by drawing the eye upward but if you use sheers, you also allow for more outside light. There are tons of sizes and different colors so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Subway Tile

Peel-&-Stick subway tile is easy and quick when it comes to making a back splash have an expensive look. Your backsplash will come out looking modern and clean, without breaking the bank. Not only do they come waterproof and in a bunch of colors, but you’ll need a couple of hours and at most, a cutting tool, to get the entire job done.

Display Dried Grasses

You could take this one of two ways but for house décor, lol, we’re talking about pampas grass. A bouquet of reed, natural pampas and bunny tails can make a beautiful and neutral display for any room in the house. It’ll add an artistic and expensive look to your house and instantly elevate the look of your space. This no maintenance grass doesn’t require water and will last for years.

Glass Storage Containers

There’s a reason we will sit on Instagram or TikTok for hours watching organization and restocking of glass jars, and that’s because it’s aesthetically pleasing. This trick will easily give your home a polished and expensive look. Thick durable glass with a wide opening makes these jars perfect for food, laundry detergent or even bathroom items like cotton balls and q-tips.

Add Lights

Lighting can elevate the look of any area and is helpful in dark corners as well as pretty. There are motion-sensing LEDs and even push lights to be hung anywhere. String lights can provide a sleek look and a lot of light, making them great under shelving or cabinets as well.


If you have no green thumb, fake plants can add the look and feel of comfort, with no upkeep or the chance of dying. However, plants clean out the air in your house and can be truly rewarding, some needing nothing more than to get watered once a week. Either way adding a little green to your house will always give you an expensive look and good vibes.

Throw Blankets

These soft cuddle objects can add an expensive look, but even better than that, a warm and cozy feel to any space. Solid color throws will portray elegance and draping it over a chair or the long part of a sectional will pull your room together, and is right there for you to pull onto yourself as we’re getting into the colder months of the year.

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