February 27, 2024
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7 Unique Ways To Upgrade Your Living Room Into A Luxurious Space, Check Decor Ideas By Interior Designer

A luxurious home is a work of art and your living room happens to be the area where you receive guests and is of paramount importance to reflect the personality of the homeowner. Here is home decor guidance from an interior designer about how to revamp your living room.

Living room home decor ideas: A magnificent home is a work of art that is completely customized to fit the occupant’s unique lifestylifestyle. A home offers high-quality, individualized services and amenities. As the living room is where you often host guests, it is important that it reflect the homeowner’s individuality. A living room’s interior design is crucial to ensuring optimal space utilization and removing any architectural defects.

The heart of many homes and the perfect spot to unwind, spend time with family and indulge in hobbies. Sadly, living rooms endure a lot of wear and tear because they are among the busiest and most often used rooms in the house. If decluttering won’t make a difference and your living room is starting to feel a little too worn out, you might think a complete makeover is necessary.

Without knocking down any walls or undertaking any other significant renovation tasks, there are multiple ways to give your space a facelift and breathe new life into it.

Fortunately, there are lots of simple ways to upgrade the look of your living room without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are seven tips that will help you create a beautiful space:

1. Breathe in proper ventilation

A living room with dark or dead corners is a big no. A well-ventilated living room with proper positioning or the HVAC vents is very important to consider.

2. Upgrade your furniture

Living room furniture should be a mixture of different furniture types – sofas, flexible seating chairs, and recliners. Sticking with just one – even if it’s a grand sofa can often become boring without the use of different creatively styled seating furniture.

3. Marble flooring to slay

A luxurious living room should preferably have Italian marble flooring or wooden flooring.

4. Use the lighting effect

In a living room, you must combine general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to comply with the function and style of the space.

5. Cosy it up with a statement rug and more

The most difficult decisions need to be made while choosing accessories and curtains for a luxury living room space. These have to be very selective. Silk carpets, velvet cushions, leather paneling, artwork – all these need to be carefully handpicked.

6. Proceed with AI

Home automation has become an important aspect of a luxury home. Such automation is now a part of the design proposed by the architect and keeps your home secure and makes them more comfortable.

7. Centralised control

With automation, you can save time and money, while preserving the environment. Home automation lets you control the technology in your home including the temperature of the AC, lights, home theatre or TV, fans, etc. All of these can be controlled on your mobile even while sitting in a different area. Climate control, blind control, doors and window control can also add an additional layer of security and comfort to your home.

Ms. Sapna remarks, “Most people prefer to use brands well-known in the luxury segment often because of the quality they offer. Many international brands are entering home décor and have already found their way to Indian households. Earlier, most would have to go abroad for purchasing the materials for their dream home.”

“A lot of furniture and accessories were brought in from countries like China, Hong Kong, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, and more European countries but with many international brands available in India, it has become easier to upgrade your living room and entire home into a luxurious space. Such brands can be used to complete the upgrade of your living room into a luxury space.”

It doesn’t have to be expensive to upgrade your living space. Without undertaking any large renovation projects, you might create a cozy sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of, whether you buy new furniture, switch up your lights, or try any of the other ideas listed.

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