June 24, 2024

8 spring style tips for women

Spring is one of the most exciting seasons when it comes to fashion. It’s a season of renewal – a time to shed heavy winter clothes and look forward to the year ahead. The unpredictable weather can seem challenging. Yet, a few smart fashion tips can form the base of your spring wardrobe, and mean you’ll always look stylish, whatever the weather.

So, to get you inspired, here are eight style tips that won’t only leave you looking stylish this season, but will put a spring in your step too.

1. Invest in a stylish trench coat

The timeless trench coat is the perfect spring outwear. It’s chic, incredibly versatile, and looks just as good layered over jeans and a roll-neck jumper as it does over a floaty dress. This means that it’ll have you set for the chillier days of early spring all the way through to the end of season.

Though trench coats are usually light, most have a waterproof design – which means you’ll be suitably protected for those inevitable spring showers! Plus, because trenches look so stylish, you can throw them over casual wear when you’re popping out and instantly look polished.

Putting your winter coat away and buying a classic trench is a great way to get ready for the new season – and you don’t have to spend a fortune either.

2. Move towards pastels and bright colours

Winter is synonymous with dark days – and many of us wear mostly dark colours through the colder months. But now spring is here, why not wear some brighter (or lighter) colours?

Nature is one of fashion’s main inspirations, so when you see bright colours and pastels appearing outside, it’s a sign to add them to your wardrobe!

Some bright, beautiful colours guaranteed to get you in the spring mood this year include fuchsia, tangerine, lime, and buttercup yellow – and these often come in low, soft tones. So, if you don’t usually wear bright colours, you don’t need to worry about standing out too much.

If bright colours or pastels really aren’t your thing, there are other ways to move away from dark colours. Neutral shades like beige, camel, cream, taupe, and white or ivory can help to lighten up your look – and darker neutrals like khaki, olive, sage and stone work really well too.

3. Smarten up casuals with a blazer

Another excellent way to smarten up comfy clothes is to layer a blazer over casuals – and unlike a trench coat, this look can also be worn indoors. Blazers are another spring classic, and they’re an easy way to add some French-style chic to your outfit.

Many women find that wearing a blazer over smart clothes is something that belongs at a work event, but wearing a blazer over casual clothes creates a more relaxed vibe. Plus, it’s a fun way to elevate loungewear and add a luxe element to your look.

Black and navy blazers are excellent for pulling outfits together, and they look good over just about any item of clothing: jeans, tailored trousers, dresses, skirts…even jogging bottoms. Or you can be more adventurous, and go for a bright-coloured or patterned blazer.

4. Buy a few great shirts

Shirts are another spring staple. Just like blazers, they’re super versatile and can be dressed up or down. Shirts can be worn in so many ways: tucked into high-waisted jeans, tied in at the waist, worn over a dress, buttoned up to the top, or worn open over t-shirts.

White, blue, or striped button-down shirts are some of the most classic pieces you can have in your wardrobe, but the brilliant thing about shirts is that they come in just about every colour – and they can be pretty cheap, so you can buy a few in different colours.

In spring, many outfits are centred around jeans, so a few great shirts in your wardrobe will mean you have several stylish go-to outfits. After all, the shirt-and-jeans look will never get old. You can wear trainers for a relaxed feel, or dress your outfit up with heels, boots, or mules.

If you already have lots of shirts, try giving them a new lease of life. For example, if you usually wear your shirts buttoned up and tucked in, try wearing them open and loose over vests and t-shirts. Linen shirts feel especially spring-like – especially when worn in light, bright spring colours.

5. Embrace patterns and prints

The idea of wearing florals in spring isn’t exactly new – but floral patterns are a seasonal classic for a reason. There are all kinds of floral patterns, from vintage and calico to damask and ditsy, and when it comes to colours, the list really is endless.

Wearing floral patterns is an easy way to embrace a spring-like, garden-party aesthetic. Though, if you’re not a fan of florals, there are many other ways you can embrace prints this season. Gingham, polka dot, plaid, and paisley are all popular patterns for spring.

If you’re still not convinced, just stick to stripes! From candy-striped t-shirts to simple Breton jumpers, there are so many ways you can wear stripes this season.

And, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not mix prints? Animal prints, whether zebra or leopard, can look surprisingly good paired with leaf or floral patterns – adding a light, playful touch to outfits. You can always pare this look down and mix prints for your accessories, whether that’s sunglasses, jewellery, or bags.

6. Get your shades on

Speaking of sunglasses, a pair of chic shades is a great way to tie an outfit together – and a statement pair can have an especially powerful effect on your look, style-wise.

With sunny days on the horizon, it’s a great time to buy a new pair of shades, particularly if you’ve been wearing the same frames year after year.

Wearing a flattering pair of sunglasses can make you feel more elegant. Plus, there’s no better way to hide tired eyes after a late night.

There are many different styles, so why not try something a bit different this year? Dramatic, oversized frames, coloured lenses, or patterned frames are all good ways to look more playful.

If you already have a pair of shades you like, there’s nothing to say you can buy another. After all, different sunglasses go with different looks. While classic black frames might work for a smarter look, choosing a bold, colourful, or patterned pair of shades is an easy way to brighten up an otherwise bland outfit.

Sunglasses don’t have to be super expensive either – just make sure they provide proper UV protection. If you find a style you like but it’s a little pricey, you can usually find much cheaper versions online.

7. Master the art of layering

One of the best – and most economical – fashion tips for spring is to learn how to make layering look good. You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe to overhaul your look, because learning how to layer can give most of your clothes a whole new lease of life.

Not only do layered outfits help you stay warm (or cool) during the changing weather, but they also create a refined look while keeping you looking stylish from day to night. Plus, they mean you can wear lighter clothes which the weather isn’t quite warm enough for yet – for example, wearing a shirt under a summer dress can be a great hack for spring.

Spring layering is based on seasonal staples – so many of the pieces we’ve mentioned already, like shirts, blazers, and trench coats. Your first layer should always be pretty form-fitting to make sure your finished outfit doesn’t look too bulky, and then you can play around with different lengths and colours.

If it’s a cool morning, you can layer up a vest, shirt, and thin jumper with a blazer or trench coat – perhaps adding a scarf too. Then, if it heats up in the afternoon, you have the option of wearing a blazer over a vest, a trench over just your jumper, or even just wearing a shirt and scarf.

If you’re wearing multiple items of clothing, it’s important to choose complementary colours. Sticking to neutrals is an easy way to do this, and unless you’re deliberately going for a clashing prints look, wearing only one printed item of clothing usually works best.

8. Buy a new perfume

Scent has an incredibly powerful effect on the way you feel. But fragrance is often overlooked when it comes to style. While perfume might not technically be fashion, a spritz of a lovely scent can easily help you feel as happy and confident as a stylish outfit can.

A new season calls for a new scent, and while woody, musky scents work well in winter, they don’t exactly conjure up light spring days. The weather might not be balmy yet, but there’s no better way to manifest bright, sunny days than wearing a refreshingly light perfume.

Floral perfumes are an unsurprising spring classic – they’re delicate, light, and versatile – though they’re by no means the only choice this season. Zingy, zesty scents are great for spring, and sweet and sultry tones work well if they’re not too heavy.

However, not being heavy doesn’t mean a perfume can’t be bold or punchy. A spring scent should ultimately be uplifting, lift your mood, and have you feeling rejuvenated…even if the sun isn’t shining where you are.

Final thoughts…

Spring is a transitional season, which means it can be a bit more challenging than summer or winter when it comes to dressing both appropriately and stylishly. But this also means that it’s arguably the most versatile season when it comes to style.

Layering up means you can embrace all kinds of looks – from summer dresses and light vests, to cosy jumpers and chic coats. Plus, it means you can change up your outfit throughout the day, removing or adding layers as you see fit.

Spring is an exciting time of year, when the days get longer and lighter and we begin looking forward to the summer ahead. Moving towards lighter, brighter, or pastel colours is an easy way to feel more spring-like, and it’s often the small touches like using a fresh new fragrance or a bold pair of shades that can make a big difference too.

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