June 24, 2024

After-Care Tips for Your Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a luxury that so many of us are starting to implement into our beauty regimens. Now more than ever, lash extensions are changing the beauty game. They are made of quality materials and look more authentic than drug store strip lashes which can look cheap or fake. They can last up to six weeks, whereas most people who use strip lashes are lucky if they last them through a night. The only downside that many people are finding with lash extensions is the added cost of refills and having to go to a salon to pay a lash tech for this service. Many women are changing this narrative by learning to simply fill their lashes at home.

There are so many quality DIY lash extensions kits that exist out there that make the lash application and removal process both doable and easy. Women are skipping the lash tech altogether, yet still joining in on a quality, long-lasting lash experience. Lash extensions are incredible because you can cater them to the shape of your eye and the different looks you are aiming for. Some people prefer bold, black, and voluminous lashes, while others prefer dainty, natural, and long lashes. The beauty of DIY lash extensions is that you have the freedom to make them look like whatever you want them to.

So how do you maintain these beautiful lashes? Many women express that the hardest part of their lash extension experience is knowing how to take care of their lashes so they get the most wear out of them.
Quality lashes can require quality care, so we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your luscious lashes.

Avoid Water For The First 48 Hours

Make sure to avoid showering for the first 48 hours after you’ve finished the application process for your eyelash extensions. Heat, steam, and moisture are your eyelashes’ worst nightmare after application. Make sure to avoid cooking on the stove, working out, or hot showers as the moisture and heat can break down the lash application glue and loosen the bond. Most lash techs will also tell you to avoid high heat situations for the entirety of your time wearing lashes, not just in the first 48 hours, as something as simple as getting your face too close to the oven could cause your lashes to melt.

Make Sure To Wash Your Lashes Regularly

As a response to avoiding water within the first 48 hours, many people are afraid to ever wash their lashes and forget that after this phase is over they shouldn’t be afraid to introduce water to their lashes. By washing your lashes regularly, you can avoid lash mites or debris of old leftover products that can cause infection. Many DIY lash extensions come with a specific cleanser that is safe for the lashes and aftercare.

Brush Through Your Lashes Daily

Another way to keep the lashes clean is to take a dry, clean spoolie brush and comb through your lashes. By doing this, your lash extensions have the chance to remain in good shape and not clump together, tangle, or crease. Additionally, try to avoid using an eyelash curler as this can lessen your lashes’ lifespan.

Avoid Oil-Based Solutions

You may not know that most lash removal processes utilize oil-based solutions in order to break down the lash extension glue. Because of this, it’s important to avoid using any product such as oil-based mascara or oil-based makeup remover that would put your application glue at risk of breaking down prematurely before you’re ready to remove them.

Try To Not Rub Your Eyes

You know that feeling when you forget you’re wearing mascara and rub your eyes? That is the absolute worst feeling to have spread makeup everywhere in a moment of forgetfulness. Wearing lash extensions can be the same, except with an even more detrimental impact if you momentarily forget and rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes can damage and pull on the lash extensions, so make sure to avoid this habit! Also, avoid picking or pulling at your lashes because this can cause damage as well.

Avoid Sleeping On Lashes

Another tough habit to break is the way in which you naturally sleep, but most lash professionals will tell you not to lay on your side or your stomach as it can cause your lashes to get smashes against the pillow and crease in weird angles. It also can cause them to fall out or loosen prematurely. We recommend trying to lay on your back, so your lashes remain untouched.

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