February 27, 2024

Best makeup tips for girls with dark skin tone

From choosing the right makeup products to using the proper techniques, this makeup guide has an abundance of expert tips for all the divas who have dark complexion.

Makeup should feel like your second skin and not a face mask that is clearly visible from miles away. Doing a flawless makeup look is an art which can only be perfected with time. Knowing what to apply and how much to apply will help you create looks that don’t look weird in different kinds of lights. And will help you accentuate your beautiful facial features without making your face look dramatic.

With the help of our makeup guide, you can improve your skills and create looks that will make you the centre of attraction on your next fashion outing. So, without any further ado, let’s head straight to it.

Makeup tips for girls with dark skin tone

  • Dark skin tends to look ashy when it’s dry so ensure that you properly moisturise your skin before starting your makeup
  • Don’t skip primers. Either look for a mattifying primer or a pore-filling primer, according to your skin’s needs
  • For colour correction, use orange or red concealer instead of pink, blue, yellow or green. Orange, and red work best because these colour correcting shades neutralize dark brown discolouration that women of colour experience
  • Balance out your eye and lip makeup as having both dramatic eyes and lips can be overwhelming and can even make you look like a clown. If you’re wearing dark red lipstick then keep your eyes neutral and if you are going for a smokey eye then wear beige or nude lipstick
  • Use products that have been designed for darker skin tones and opt for brands that offer a wide range of shades that goes well with different undertones
  • To make your eyes pop, use an eyeshadow primer. On darker complexion, it’s hard to deposit brighter colours. So if you wish to play with bright reds and yellows, don’t forget to wear eyeshadow primer
  • Bright pink blusher can give brown skin tones an ashy appearance so use either a warm magenta or golden pink blushers
  • When it comes to highlighter, reach for the one that has gold, rose gold, or bronze tones. As much as we all love silvery and pink-hued highlighters, we cannot use them because they look weird on dark complexions

Makeup faux pas that you must avoid

  •  Embrace your skin tone and don’t try to change it with fairness creams. Also using a foundation shade that is lighter than your skin tone is a complete disaster. Always pick a shade that matches your skin perfectly. Check out tips to choose the right shade for your skin tone below
  • When you choose a lip shade, make sure that it matches your undertone and doesn’t make you appear dull
  • When it comes to contour, use a shade that is a tone darker to your skin (Just one tone darker. Don’t pick the darkest shade from the collection)
  • Make sure that you do not use liquid products on top of powder products as it will leave your face with unblended patches
  • The biggest mistake that girls make these days is using too much glitter on the face. As experts would advise, if you are using a glitter eyeshadow, don’t use a highlighter that has chunky particles in it, go for a milder one and if you are using a glittery lipstick, opt for a neutral eye look

How to use the right shades for your skin tone

To choose the right foundation shade, always do a swatch test on your face and neck. Apply 3-4 shades on your face and neck on small areas and wait for 10-15 mins as it oxidizes. Choose the one that disappears on your skin.

To choose the right lip shade, you must match your undertone with it. Apply the lipstick to your lips and see yourself in the mirror in bright sunlight. If the lipstick doesn’t make you seem dull, you can go for it.

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