June 24, 2024

Easy fashion tips to choose the best spring wear style for kids

Want new clothes for your kids this season but don’t know how to buy? Fashion experts share style tips for choosing best Spring clothing for your little ones

Spring is a great time to refresh the child’s wardrobe as it is the perfect season to have fun with fashion as it is full of colours and patterns and this year it is going to be a good mixture of pastels and denims and bohemian style. Stylists and experts insist that on any given day, a functional and versatile closet is preferable while relaxed silhouettes and airy loungewear are expected to be popular again this season that brings with it a plethora of blooms and fresh fashion trends.

Pallavi Utagi, Founder and CEO of SuperBottoms, shared, “Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons and the perfect time for the li’l one to go out on their adventures. As you pack up their winter woollens and dig out the flowery fits, do remember that weathers may change but the priority should never – utmost comfort! It is imperative that your child is always comfortable in whatever they put on. While at the comfort game, the conscious choice of choosing clothes that are as great for the planet as for your baby can make a difference in making your child’s future greener.”

She advised, “For children, the apparel is firstly about something that enhances their personality, allows them to move freely and express confidently. Breathable fabrics like light cotton clothes are always the right choice. Bright colours are always the best mood lifters and the perfect vibe for the spring wardrobe. This time, choose clothes that make the Earth and your muchkin bloom alike!”

If you are considering buying new clothes for your kids this season but don’t know how to buy, Rajesh Vohra, CEO at Artsana India (Chicco) in assistance with Chicco Research Centre, listed down few essentials for choosing the right clothing for your little ones:

  • COMFORT – When choosing clothes for your children, the first priority must be their comfort. Buying them too tight or too big would make the child uncomfortable. Children should not feel limited by their clothing in any manner. Whether your child spends time playing outdoors or is at home watching a movie, their clothes should be relaxed and easy.
  • COLOUR – Spring is the perfect time to incorporate bright and cheerful colors into your child’s wardrobe. Choose the color scheme of their clothes smartly. Pick colors that can be combined without any problem. Choose patterns and prints which are playful and happy.
  • FABRIC – Pick your fabrics wisely. Natural breathable fabrics such as organic cotton and linen feel soft against the skin and are durable. Go for a brand which is conscious about the sensitive skin of children and makes garments that are made of sustainable organic cotton and comply with OEKO-TEX international standards.
  • EASY TO DRESS – Select garments that are easy to put on and remove. Avoid outfits that have lots of buttons, zippers, or snaps. To reduce dressing time struggles, one could pick garments that are easy to pull over the head or have front or back openings.

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