April 12, 2024

Essential Eye Makeup Tips Every Woman Needs To Up Her Beauty Game

Applying eye makeup might be difficult if you are not pro at it. Here are some easy tips to master the art.

Getting your eye makeup just right can be a difficult task. Even a seasoned makeup artist has to learn various eye makeup tricks to get it perfectly right. Well-applied eye makeup can accentuate your features and give a splash of colour to your face.

We’ve compiled a collection of essential eye makeup tips for beginners. For those who have just stepped into the world of beauty this can help you create magic with your eye looks. Keep these simple ideas in mind and they will quickly transform you from a novice to a pro. Continue reading to learn more!

Eyeliner Tips

  • Eyeliner may or may not be a favourite for you, but it can make or break a look. Here are some tips that will help you get it right:
  • Make sure your eyelids are clean, and then apply a primer to them so that your eye makeup does not smear and lasts longer.
  • To make your lashes appear denser, apply eyeliner as tightly to the lash line as possible, so it looks like a natural lash line. This is known as tight-lining. Connect the dots by drawing a dotted line from the outside to the inside corner (you can use a stiff slant brush to blend the dots out into an effortless soft line).
  • To obtain accuracy and proper form, make sure the tip of your liner is thin yet blunt. To avoid your eyeliner from slipping, you can freeze it for a while.
  • To get the ideal winged eyeliner, start on the lash line at the pupil and work your way towards the corners using a liner of your choice. If your hand isn’t stable enough to use liquid liner, line your eyes with a pencil liner first, then trace over it with liquid liner.

Eyeshadow Tips

  • If you want your eyeshadow to remain on all day and not crease, as well as for the eyeshadow colour to truly stand out, apply a quality primer beforehand.
  • Use a dark shade of eyeshadow for the bottom of your eye (just below the lash line), a medium shade for the region above that, and a light shade for the top. Blend them well.

Eyebrow Tips

  • Use an eyebrow gel to keep your brows in place if they are unruly. They also seem a lot more polished and groomed with just a tiny dab of that gel.
  • To give definition to your brows, use a light highlighter under the brow arch.

Mascara Tips

  • Always begin applying mascara from the base of your lashes and work your way to the tips. This will instantly add volume to your lashes without weighing them down.
  • Wait around 10 seconds after applying one layer of mascara before adding a second coat (if desired). This keeps your lashes from becoming clumpy!
  • Before applying mascara, wipe any excess mascara off using a tissue to make it easier to handle and less clumpy (this way you will also avoid the horrid spidery-lashes look).

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