May 30, 2023

Fashion tips for kids during summers

During summers its very important to dress your children in comfortable outfits, so that they can play around freely.

Here’s few fashion tips for your kids during summer

* Children should be dressed in lighter fabrics like cotton, mulmul, linen that would be soothing for their skin in the heat.

* A separate travel wardrobe with lots of prints and cartoon characters in a must have for children.

* Girls look really cute in their shorts teamed with lightweight halter necks for a comfortable daily wear.

* Boys can team joggers with light T-shirts for a comfortable day wear. Inspired by adult fashion, boys are also experimenting with shirts in quirky prints for evening outings.

* Jumpsuits and dungarees are quite in vogue not only for adults but also girls. Floral printed cotton jumpsuits make for a perfect evening wear for a casual outing.

* They should wear happy colours during summer like the yellows and the reds teamed with whites to beat the summer blues.

* Tropical printed shirt can be layered and easily paired with shorts. This look can easily be considered by children in the daytime or can be worn for a casual evening outing.

* Neon colours are expected to be in vogue this summer. Colours like yellow can be used to add some freshness to the wardrobe. These colours will be perfect for a summer outing. It is a must-have for the upcoming holiday season.

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