June 24, 2024

Handbag essentials that every woman should always carry

They say a woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag because even when you get to the bottom of it, there is always something at the bottom to surprise you and we don’t deny it as our guilty pleasure is that we like to keep our life in our totes. Weird obsessions and the mystery around a woman’s handbag and its content go hand-in-hand and though the totes and their contents vary from one person to another, we got some fashion experts to spill the beans on a few handbag essentials that every woman should always carry.

As it’s that time of the year to get them tote bags out, Celebrity and Bridal Makeup Artist said, “Most important of all the beauty stash is the sunscreen. You sure don’t want to have sun damaged skin. A lot of brands have come up with loose powder with spf which is so apt to carry in the bag and quickly brush it through the face to avoid making it look oily. We are good with moisturizing our lips but not good with sun protection which is why a lip balm with spf is a must to avoid pigmented lips.”

Who doesn’t love a good rose water mist? Mausam Gandhi revealed, “It keeps your makeup in place and leaves you feeling refreshed too. Just the right product to have in everyone’s bag. Wet wipes are a must too. After a long day when you want to just freshen up your face on the go, they come very handy. If things are hectic for you and you do not have the time for a hair wash day then dry shampoo is something that really saves the day. Travel size perfumes are bffs, especially in summer! They come in so handy so you can carry two and use them according to preference.”

Next comes a body mist and if you have a last-minute meeting but don’t want to re-apply your makeup, Mausam Gandhi recommends having blotting paper. She said, “It removes all the excess oil from your face without ruining your look. You can use it on your bare skin as well as when you have your makeup on. You should also keep a tint in case an outing comes up. You can quickly use it over your eye life, cheeks and lips and be good to go. Keep a mini lipstick too just in case you need to go out straight from work. It is very compact to carry in a bag.”

Celebrity and Bridal Makeup Artist Meera Sakhrani suggested, “A sanitiser and a hand cream firstly as it’s most important in the times of Covid. Studio fix powder is a go-to for an even skin tone, a sunscreen to reapply and get the sun protection along with spf lip balm to help the pigmented lips and lastly a lip and cheek tint as well. Carry wet wipes for personal hygiene and never forget your travel size perfume!”

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