April 12, 2024

Have a stylish winter ensemble with these four fashion staples

With blankets hanging off our beds, and frosty winds causing our teeth to chatter in unison, we can say without any doubt that winter is officially here! Winters are all about layering yourself up in the cosiest of garms, lounging in the comfort of your snug quilts, and hearing your mother scream – “Socks pehen le” on the top of her voice, every time you decide to head outdoors.

With winter chills prodding our spines for most of the day, it may be a little difficult to be in vogue. But you must realise that there is actually a way for you to be all geared up for the chilly season and attend all of the winter extravaganzas (think of all the Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations you’ll be getting invites to) WITHOUT looking like a walking blobfish.

And so on that note, and to help you spruce up your winter ensemble, we have curated a list of some must-have fashion staples that you need to check out right now!

1. Head Out In Natty Leather Jackets

Men, winters, and leather jackets go hand in hand, and we challenge you to find anyone who will refute that statement. After all, leather jackets lend Indian men a brawny appeal, something that any man would kill to have. To your good fortune, fashion brands today are chock-a-block with a multitude of the best leather jackets for men, so you do not have to scour around to find the sturdiest and nattiest ones!

2. Exude A Dashing Appeal With Nifty Hoodies

Hoodies make for one of the snuggest and most sought-after components of a winter wardrobe, but more often than not, they are associated more with comfort than style. But what if we tell you that hoodies can look just as dapper as any other component of your winter ensemble? Well, they sure can, but only if you own the best hoodies for men, and know how to carry them in style.

Pro tip: You can easily team up your hoodies with a pair of chinos, trousers or even washed jeans, provided the colours compliment each other. Hoodies, after all, have an universal appeal.

3. Enrich Your Wardrobe With Stylish Full Sleeve T-Shirts

Full sleeves T-shirts and winters are like Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr, that is, inseparable. While it goes without saying that full sleeve T’s make for an indispensable attire for surviving the chilly season, they also end up being an incredibly useful (and budget-friendly!) option for layering up your winter outfits. Since full-sleeve T-Shirts can be donned with anything and everything, it becomes essential that you lay your hands on the best full sleeve T-shirts for men, and never go out of style.

4. Make A Statement With Hip Winter Caps

A winter-cap does not only serve as an insulating gear for your head, but it also imparts a subtle, ultra-modern appeal to your winter get-up. It works like a cherry on the cake (quite literally!) and lends you a nonpareil magnetism, making it a must-have component in your winter wardrobe. Pair it with anything and everything, and you are all set to conquer the winter look!

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