May 26, 2024

How Long Can You Keep Makeup On Until It Starts Affecting? Expert Weighs In

Are you one of those people who forget to cleanse your face after a day of sporting makeup? Expert warns against doing so.

Remember how just after school functions your mother would just not let you keep the makeup on for long? I used to fight back then. But as I started my skincare journey, I lived by my mother’s words – “Leaving makeup on for the whole day is a sin.” Be it the freezing cold of Delhi, nothing could stop me from performing my sacred double-cleansing ritual. That resulted in all of my friends teasing me. That made me wonder how long we can really keep the makeup on. Is it okay to wear makeup throughout the night?

To find the answer to this much-asked question, we connected with Kiran Bhatt, Cosmetologist, Junoesque Clinic, Delhi. Kiran said, “Leaving the makeup on overnight can disrupt the skin’s natural renewal process, leading to dullness and premature ageing.”

Why Should We Not Leave Makeup On For Long

So, here’s the scoop from our expert – if you’re rocking your makeup for hours on end, you might be setting yourself up for some not-so-fun skin woes. Think of clogged pores, pesky breakouts, and irritating skin. Yep, it turns out that your favourite foundation and concealer might not be as friendly to your skin as you thought.

Keeping your precious skin bogged down by layers of makeup for a prolonged period of time is only going to break your skin’s barrier. It will snatch away the natural skin’s renewal process too.

The ingredients of makeup products are not always friendly for our skin. “Most makeup products contain ingredients that can contribute to the buildup of bacteria when left on the skin for too long,” she added.

How Long Can You Wear Makeup

What’s the optimal timeframe for wearing makeup without adverse effects? According to our expert, it varies depending on factors such as skin type, product formulation, and environmental conditions. Kiran said, “You should wear makeup for not more than 12 hours, especially products like foundation and concealer.”

You also need to pay attention to the ingredients list. Kiran suggested that you must opt for non-comedogenic and breathable formulations. When you make the shift to more skin-friendly products, it minimises the damage to your skin.

Expert-Recommended Healthy Makeup Habits

To maintain healthy skin while also enjoying the perks of makeup, Kiran extended the following recommendations:

Prioritise Skincare: Skincare is the key to keeping your skin healthy You must invest in good skincare products. A skincare regimen tailored to your skin type and concerns will keep your skin nourished and protect the skin.

Practice Regular Cleansing: Kiran advocates for double cleansing. Removing makeup thoroughly at the end of the day should be optimal. The world is now leaning towards a double cleansing routine and rightly so as it can effectively eliminate stubborn makeup residue without stripping the skin’s natural oils.

Limit Prolonged Wear: We know for special events we may have to wear makeup for an extended period of time, but aim to give your skin regular breaks by going makeup-free whenever possible. “Allowing your skin some makeup-free time can go a long way if you’re aiming for a radiant and healthy complexion,” Kiran said.

Invest in Quality Products: Let’s just accept that there is a reason why certain products are high-end as they come with those skin-friendly formulas. You must stock up on high-quality makeup products formulated with skin-loving ingredients. Be wary of their expiry too and you need to avoid those like a plague.

We agree that we love our makeup. And we know it can work wonders in enhancing beauty and boosting our confidence. But it’s essential to strike a balance between aesthetics and skin health.

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