June 24, 2024
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How to Decorate Your Home with Books

What does every beautiful room have in common? Books. They’re like favorite companions that make a space feel personal. Bibliophiles and interior designers agree that decorating with books is one of the most meaningful ways to style your home. They add a sense that real people actually live here. Bookcases and shelves can sometimes be overrated. Instead, surrounding yourself with stacks of novels gives your house a more lived-in feeling. There’s nothing like a beautiful collection stacked to perfection to add character to any space. But there’s an art to this seemingly simple way of bookscaping.

The first place that probably comes to mind for a book stack is the coffee table, but there are so many other intriguing spots in your home to host your literary collection. Plus showcasing an assortment in unexpected areas doubles the pleasure. Towers are an exceptional way to create interest in both traditional and contemporary settings. While they make a strong architectural statement when stacked formally, they can also be piled casually for a more effortless look.

It may sound obvious, but ordering your tomes from largest to smallest is the safest way to go, especially on a table or work surface. Consider composition, subject matter, size and room placement when culling a great collection. Step back every once in a while to get the balance and feel just right. Try multiple stacks to create a skyline of sorts, then cap with a crowning element for a finishing touch.

These favorite trinkets are like the cherry on top and can be swapped out seasonally or complemented by fresh flowers. Consider an art object, a candle, small trinket dishes or other prized items that complete the narrative. For example, an assortment of travel tomes topped with a beloved souvenir or hotel ashtray can tell the story of your most recent adventures and conjure cherished memories.

Above all, your books should reflect your interests, your passions and your personal taste. Take the pressure off and have fun with how you store and display them. As Roman statesman Cicero once said: A room without books is like a body without a soul.

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