June 24, 2024

How To Wear Your Bell Bottom Jeans In Style

An open button-down shirt is a terrific layering piece that can be worn with bell bottoms.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if all of the prior fashion trends from the 1990s resurfaced on our present fashion radar? Well, fashion changes by the minute and by the blink of an eye, so while we’re on the subject of new trends, do you like bell-bottoms? If you are, you will like the following trends and style approaches. Take a look at these style tips.

Pair It Up With Tube Tops

Fashion statements are constantly changing, and after this cycle of new trends, people tend to return to earlier designs to beautify them in the most elegant ways. Bell-bottoms are back in town, to speak of old vintage styles! The flared item of retro fashion is all the rage these days, and when it comes to styling your bell bottoms, our first advice is to pair them with a classic tube top. Bell bottoms in a dark hue paired with a patterned tube top in a lighter shade will give you a classic sophisticated look.

For Boho Vibe

Given that the hippy boho trend is currently fairly popular, one can pair their bell-bottom pants with a flimsy loosely fitted buttoned shirt. Half-tucked and half-unbuttoned baggy shirts can give you the boho-chic vibe you’re after. To top it off, style your hair in a boho or hippy style with a bandana and a few vintage bangles for an eye-catching look.

Add That Heel

Bell-bottoms and high heels, on the other hand, are fashion ideas that seem to be designed for each other. If you’re seeking for new ways to wear your bell-bottom jeans, let us tell you that traditional stilettos look even better with these flared pants. You can definitely pair your bell bottoms with a plain t-shirt or a formal shirt, a blazer draped over your shoulders, and matching stilettos for the finishing touch. This way, not only will you look gorgeous, but you’ll also have an attire for your business meetings.

Exude Casual Vibe

Are you the type of person who prefers to wake up and run errands without giving any attention to what you’ll wear for the day? If you’re one of those girls, we’ve got some good news for you: bell-bottoms and casual clothing are your best friends. You can simply wake up in your flare pants and pair them with some basic t-shirts or an untucked blouse to maintain your look light and stylish.

White For Summers

Don’t we all love how fun and 70s-inspired, white bell-bottoms are. Wear them with a blousy tank or a graphic tee. For a pop of colour, throw on a denim jacket or a long, lightweight cardigan. White flared jeans look excellent with summer clothing and feel more formal and cool to me than white slim jeans or white shorts.

Formal Outfit

Looking for a sophisticated formal look? What about a dinner date? Remember the pro advice and invest in a good shoulder bag with a little glitter. High heels that match your bag and trousers wonderfully. Make sure your hair is in place and your make-up is subtle. No one is going to look better than you!

If you’re searching for a more refined style for an office day, this is the look for you. Pair it with a sleek sweater, blouse, or dress shirt and plain bell bottoms dress pants. You can go for a contrast appearance or a white on white, nude on nude style. Add a smidgeon of statement antique jewellery and you’re good to go!

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