June 24, 2024

Ladies, here’s how you can style your vests

Ladies’ vests are adaptable, fashionable wardrobe staples that can easily upgrade any ensemble. The styling options are unlimited, whether you choose a traditional fitted vest or a chic statement piece.

We have five fashion tips for you to help you style women’s vests so you can take advantage of their adaptability and add a touch of refinement to your outfits.

Layer it up

For a fashionable accent, layer a solid vest over a shirt with patterns or a different hue. Select a vest that contrasts with the shirt underneath to make it the focal point of your ensemble. Add pants in a different color to keep things from looking too formal. You can easily include this combination in your summer as well as in your winter wardrobes.

Go boho

Wear your vest with a voluminous maxi skirt to channel a bohemian aesthetic. To complete the boho-chic look, choose a lightweight vest in vivid patterns or earthy tones, put it over a loose-fitting shirt, and accessorize with bold jewelry. You could also wear the vest over a kurta and pair it with jeans or wear it over a knee-length dress.

Say yes to a long vest

Long vests have an unrivaled capacity to add a finishing touch to an ensemble. They look great on jeans or shorts and are superb for creating a statement or altering your usual style. If the long vest is long enough and has buttons, you can wear it as a standalone dress. No matter how you wear a long vest, it’s considered fashionable and attractive.

Co-ord set

When in doubt, go for a matching co-ord set. This simple styling idea rarely goes wrong. It gives you a classy yet simple vibe as well as creates a streamlined and sophisticated look, making you appear taller and more put-together. Pair it with tailored trousers or a skirt in a similar shade for a modern and polished outfit.

Denim vest for a chic vibe

For all the denim lovers out there, fret not. There’s a type of vest tailored just for you. Ladies can don this vest to achieve a stunning style that complements their denim trousers flawlessly. Opt for a sleeveless vest with front buttons or zippers. To infuse a fresh touch to your denim vest, consider wearing a black or white t-shirt underneath.

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