June 24, 2024

Looking For Makeup Tips? We A Guide For You

Makeup can do magic. Usually, most girls become experts in doing makeup. But whenever there is any occasion, they get confused about how to start the makeup regime. And if you are also one of them then today, we are going to help you and share some amazing makeup tips. With the help of a few basic things, you can adopt the perfect makeup look for the first time too.

The first thing to keep in mind for doing makeup is to choose a proper makeup product. So, today we are going to share with you some essential makeup products that are needed to start the basic makeup. Also, your makeup will look no less than that of an expert.

Let us tell you how to start makeup:

Step 1: Face Wash: Choose the right face wash for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin then definitely consult a skin doctor and take their suggestions. The first step is to wash your face properly with the help of face wash.

Step 2: Toner: After face wash, apply toner to the skin. This will help to avoid sweating on your face. And will also help the skin not get affected by the chemicals of makeup products.

Step 3: Moisturiser: After applying toner do not forget to apply moisturizer on the skin before applying makeup. As it is important to have a good quality moisturizer in your makeup kit.

Step 4: CC Cream: After some time, apply a good CC cream on the face which matches your skin tone. Let us tell you that CC cream is helpful in giving a glam look by bringing a glow to the face.

Step 5: Face powder: After applying CC cream, do not forget to apply face powder on the face. As the face powder helps to absorb the sweat and extra oil from the face and prevents makeup from getting smudged. Along with this, the face powder also helps to look spotless and glowing.

Step 6: Eyeliner: Your facial makeup is almost done. Now it’s time to decorate the eyes. For this, you can include eyeliner in your makeup kit. Apply eyeliner very carefully on the eyes.

Step 7: Kajal: To enhance the beauty of the eyes, do not forget to apply kajal to the water line. For this, you can buy any waterproof kajal from the market.

Step 8: Lipstick: This is the last and final step for completing the makeup regime. Apply lipstick matching to your outfit as it will enhance your look. But if you feel confused to choose the right shade then opt for nude lip colours as it matches most of the outfits.

Follow these easy steps to go for any sudden plans or outings.

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