April 12, 2024

Monsoon health tips: How to keep your kids safe in rainy season

After scorching summer, monsoon brings much-needed respite and joy to our parched souls. However, the showers also increase the risk of diseases. The surroundings become a habitable environment for various bacterial and fungal infections.

During this time, it is important, especially for children, to be careful about things ranging from the kind of clothes to wear to the types of food to consume. As a parent, you should be aware of ways to keep your kids away from illnesses.

Here are tips that you can consider to keep your kids in the pink of their health during the monsoon season.

Choice of clothes

Weather tends to be quite erratic during the monsoon. A hot and humid day can turn chilly within a few hours. Hence it is important for parents to be careful about the choice of clothes. Soft and light clothing can work just fine during the day but consider an extra layer of clothing during the night.

Keep clothes dry

Make sure that your kids have raincoats or umbrellas when they are stepping out. In case it rains and your child gets wet, they will have something to curb the wetness. Once they return home, immediately ask them to change and wear dry clothes. Damp clothes tend to increase the chances of infection and can also cause illnesses such as cold or fever.

Maintain hygiene

Rainy season acts as a catalyst for germs to proliferate. Hence, it is very important to keep the surroundings clean. If your kids come in contact with stagnant water or puddles, ask them to take a bath immediately. One must also consider adding a disinfectant or an antiseptic liquid while mopping the floors. Wash your kids’ clothes and toys regularly.

Eating balanced and healthy diet

Food and beverages are susceptible to many waterborne bacteria and germs. Hence, try to avoid street food and make your kids eat food prepared at home. It is important to thoroughly wash the vegetables and fruits that you bring home and only then give your kids to eat.

Stay indoors

Last but not least, a lot of the measures can be avoided if one takes this one measure. Do not allow your kids to go out until necessary. Abiding by this will protect your kids from catching diseases or infections that they are highly susceptible to during the rainy season.

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