December 1, 2023

Practical fashion tips for men to enjoy monsoon in style

Monsoon casts its own charm with rains and lush greenery all around. At the same time, it also brings the need to upgrade your fashion game accordingly.

So calling all men! Even amidst unpredictable weather and streets replete with dirty puddles, you can easily look comfortable and dapper.

Step into this season with a splash of style with these practical fashion tips

Wear shorts

When it’s raining outside, wearing shorts can be a smart choice to avoid getting dirt stains and rain splatters on your pants.

Try colorful and patterned chino shorts with a T-shirt.

For a relaxed look, you can pair your casual shorts with a plain colorful polo.

There are various footwear options you can go for, such as casual sneakers, boots, or rubber-soled penny loafers.

Waterproof jacket

If carrying an umbrella isn’t your thing, you can easily stay dry and stylish with a waterproof jacket.

Whether you like a sleek and modern design or a sporty and rugged look, there are lots of waterproof jackets to choose from.

It’s a great way to add some flair to your outfit while staying protected from the rain.

Waterproof watch

Elevate your style and stay punctual with a trendy waterproof watch.

This luxurious accessory adds the perfect finish to any outfit you wear.

From elegant and sophisticated to sporty and casual ones, there’s a waterproof watch for everyone that perfectly suits their taste.

Whether you’re heading to the office or out for a casual stroll, use this tip to stand out.

Go for cotton

During the rainy season, it’s also important to focus on preventing sweat stains and not just water or dirt marks.

The humid weather can make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable, which is why it is best to choose clothes made of cotton, for they keep you cool.

Look for light and breezy T-shirts and cotton shorts that allow air to circulate.

Ditch your denim

Denim jeans are a go-to choice for men, but in the rainy season, they take forever to dry.

So what to do? Well, it’s better to switch to chinos instead as they are made from lightweight fabrics that dry quickly.

They’re a great alternative during this season as they are more breathable, lightweight, and relaxing than denim.

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