October 4, 2023

Say Hello To Beautiful Hair With These 7 Tips And Tricks To Reduce Split Ends

Here are easy tips to reduce split ends for long, lustrous mane that you’ve always desired

Split ends are a common hair problem which arises when moisture doesn’t reach the tips. The hair strands are exposed to constant wear and tear which causes the hair shaft at the tips to split. There are numerous factors that contribute to split ends which include chemical processing treatments like colouring, and heat treatments like smoothening. Over brushing and force combing of the hair strands also cause split ends. Though it is a very common hair complaint there are ways to reduce the occurrence of splitting of hair strands. We have curated a list of a few ways which you can easily implement in your everyday life to manage your split ends.

7 Tricks To Reduce Split Ends

1. Gentle Shampooing And Drying

As the hair strands are wet while washing, they are more prone to damage and breakage. Gently wash your hair and apply conditioner to the hair ends without a miss. Avoid rubbing your hair dry on towels as it is a common cause of split ends and frizziness. Use a microfibre towel to dab the hair dry instead.

2. Regular Hydration

The key to manage and reduce split ends is regular hydration. When the hair strands lose their moisture, they tend to get damaged especially at the ends. Using regular hair conditioner after shampooing and weekly use of hair masks can reduce the risk of hair damage resulting in soffit hair.

3. Oiling

The age-old champis can work their way to get split-ends free hair. The main cause of splitting of the hair shaft is the frizziness which happens when the tresses lose their hydration. Regularly oiling the hair, especially in winters when the weather already causes the hair strands to dry out, can help to reduce split ends to a great extent.

4. Reduce Use Of Heated Appliances On Daily Basis

Using heat or heated appliances on the hair strands, especially if you do it on a daily basis can make the hair lose out on the essential proteins which changes the structure of the hair and leads to splitting of the hair shaft. So whenever possible, avoid using heat in your hair. Instead of using hair dryers you can opt for natural air drying, and use styling gels instead of styling irons.

5. Detangle The Hair

It’s a very easy tip to keep the hair strands split-end free but also something we may casually overlook. Detangle the hair strands with a wide toothed brush, especially when it is wet to avoid breakage and to glide it easily through the hair without damaging the ends.

6. Avoid Over-Brushing

Detangling the hair is important but you must make sure to leave it at there. Do not over brush your strands every few hours. Over brushing can cause the hair to split at the ends and can lead to breakage too.

7. Use A Silk Pillowcase

It is a common practice to follow, specially for people with curly tresses. The reason for this is to control the frizziness in the hair. So, using the same technique, avoid the occurrence of split ends. Start using a silk or satin pillowcase which helps the hair to glide over the pillow. You can also tie a scarf to your hair before going to bed.

We hope you manage the split ends with these easy-to-follow tips. You may even try to change your hair care products for better results with your dermat’s recommendations.

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