June 24, 2024
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Simple tips to make your living more sustainable

Sustainable living has to begin at home. The products you choose to keep inside your house, will say a lot about your personality and how much you care for the environment

As a concept, sustainability has taken the front row in many conversations around the world. It is advised that people make some sustainable choices in life, so as to protect the environment and do their bit to slow down climate change.

Sustainable living, however, has to begin at home. The products you choose to keep inside your house, will say a lot about your personality and how much you care for the environment. In order to live in spaces that revolutionise the idea of modern living, one can easily incorporate the below listed tips, especially curated by Hands Carpet — one of the participating brands in the ongoing Architectural Digest Design Show — to make your living more sustainable. Read on.

Opt for certified sustainable products

Embellishing your living spaces with elements that are certified as sustainable, is a powerful step towards sustainability. The promise of sustainability is incomplete in the absence of formal certification, therefore, choosing brands that hold the GREENGUARD certification, ISO Environment Management Standards, is a great starting point.

Invest in everlasting pieces

The exceptional designs that adorn your living spaces should be sturdy enough to ensure environmental challenges that come its way. While picking your furniture, choose the finest of raw materials like New Zealand wool, which makes carpets last longer. These are also natural raw materials with minimum impact on the ecosystem.

Eco-friendly materials

Toxic paint, dye, or adhesive can pose a great threat to your well-being. By investing in brands that are environmentally conscious, and those who use handmade production techniques etc., you are investing in the health of your loved ones. Brands should carefully evaluate the hygiene and safety of people and the larger ecosystem.

Reusing old prints

Re-upholstering an old and timeless carpet or rug can help your living spaces achieve a majestic and vintage look. Complementing these with similar-themed colours and other elements can truly bring out the warmth that the re-upholstered pieces add to the space.

Endearing wall art

Royal designs on carpets and rugs can be beautifully molded into wall art. Fixing up an old carpet on the walls can brighten up the interiors and put an end to the dull and mundane nature of plain walls. While doing this, it is to be noted that the piece from yesteryears is properly cleaned and firmly placed in order to avoid the carpet from falling off.

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