October 4, 2023

Stylist shares fashion trick that takes mature women from ‘dated’ to ‘much younger’

A stylist shared the most common style mistake women are making that make them look older.

Looking younger is not skin deep – sometimes it’s the contents of your wardrobe that is ageing you prematurely. Stylist and influencer Diana Goss took to YouTube to share some of her anti-ageing fashion hacks.

Many women will try to match their clothes and their accessories for a flawless, polished look.

But while this might look put together, Diana suggested that that matching everything together can be incredibly ageing.

For example, a classic blouse paired with classic trousers, a classic handbag and classic shoes can be a little boring.

The expert said that it looks “reinforced” and “dated” and will eventually make the person wearing it “look older”.

The same can be said for matching textures – according to Diana, a black patent handbag and black patent pumps combo may also be too ageing.

Instead of going for the typical, matchy-matchy look that people might expect, the expert suggests changing it up a little.

Pairing your silk blouse with leather trousers rather than straight-legged pants creates an interesting contrast and fusion between masculine and feminine.

A bold pair of sling-backs in an outrageous shade such as metallic might further reinforce a more youthful look.

She stated: “My outfit immediately becomes more stylish, modern and up-to-date, making me look much younger in it.”

Combining the masculine and feminine, casual and formal, and classic and sporty will have this effect.

Diana suggested that rather than a silk blouse, a striped T-shirt could go really well with a pair of straight-legged trousers.

For an added “upgrade”, a sporty jacket and trainers could totally revamp the look.

She said: “Because I’ve mixed classic and sporty styles, my outfit looks less predictable.”

Diana’s next tip was to pay attention and keep up with trends no matter what your age.

This means updating your accessories including jewellery, hats, belts, shoes, bags etc.

She assured mature ladies that they don’t have to forgo their personal style in order to look youthful.

However, an “injection” of modern trends can work wonders for a younger look.

The stylist said: “If you’re wearing dated bags or dated shoes or dated jewellery, no matter how fresh, stylish and trendy your outfit is you’ll never look up-to-date which means you will look older.”

Swapping older pieces with new, modern ones can have a transformative, anti-ageing effect.

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