June 24, 2024

Summer Glow: Expert Advice On Maintaining Glass Skin With Korean Beauty Tips

Korean skincare has taken over the world and people are obsessing over it. While summers are around the corner, we have got you some Korean skincare tips to maintain glass skin.

Korean skincare has been a hot topic over the past few years, and the beauty world’s love for anything related to K Beauty shows no sign of slowing down soon. Glass skin is another common yet simply K-Beauty term for exceptionally smooth, even-toned skin that is so flawlessly perfect it looks like it’s made of glass. As we have entered the season of humidity, acne, and dead skin AKA – SUMMER, we will give you some tips for skin that would look like glass. Chirag Bhatia, Product Lead, Quench Botanics shed light on the same.

Double Cleansing

This is a critical and most important step for Korean skin care. This two-step routine involves first using an oil or cream-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser. Double cleansing offers a deep clean, removing residue and blockages for better penetration of skincare products, and revitalising dull skin.

Apply Facial Serum

Serums are full to the brim with powerful plant-based ingredients. Sprinkle the serum onto your palm and pat it against your skin. The lightweight serum will give an instant ‘glass skin’ glow without weighing down the skin. Ingredients like Collagen, Cica, Snail mucin or propolis can be beneficial.

Apply Gel Moisturiser

As warmer climates can increase sebum production, opt for a cooling, lightweight gel moisturiser for an instant soothing effect. Look for ones with ingredients like aloe vera or hyaluronic acid. If your skin is naturally oily, then a thin layer of moisturiser should be more than enough.

Never Skip Sunscreen

Sunscreens aren’t dependent on any weather, be it Summer or Winter. Sun damage causes premature ageing, dark spots, and redness, making sunscreen a necessity. Choose a SPF 50 sunscreen with zinc oxide for maximum protection. One should not limit sunscreen to the face but apply it on the neck and jawline as well.

DIY Face Packs/Mask

Face masks incorporate highly effective, concentrated ingredients that repair damaged skin, soothe irritation, and provide intense hydration. There are several cooling clay masks and sheet masks available with cooling and hydrating ingredients like Birch Juice to pamper yourself after a tiring day in the heat.

Follow the steps to ensure a glass glowing skin in summer.

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