February 27, 2024

Summer Makeup Tips For Sweat-Free Look

During summer, dealing with extreme sweat and oily skin is pretty common but you don’t necessarily have to deal with it. And if you feel, the makeup will wear off as you head out or will add that cakey effect, then it is time to change this perception.

You can wear makeup confidently during summer and complete your chosen look. All you need is the right beauty products and the right application techniques. Allow us to guide you over the summer makeup tips that work!

Here’s an easy guide for summer makeup that can elevate your glam game:

1. Use a Mattifying Prime

A primer is the perfect option for forming the right base for your makeup. Use a gel or silicone-based primer to get the mattifying effect on your skin. These primers mostly contain a lightweight texture that is very easy to apply, helps hide fine lines and includes oil-control benefits too.

2. Select Waterproof Makeup Products

Practically, you can’t escape from sweating during summer but you can wear a quality makeup that can elevate your chosen look. For that, select only waterproof makeup products like powder-based foundation, hydrating face serum, mascaras, liquid eyeliners, and more. Such beauty products don’t wear off by sweat and last longer.

The proper way to remove the waterproof makeup is by using makeup remover. Make sure to remove all the makeup with it before hitting the bed as waterproof makeup can be comedogenic and may clog the pores if not properly removed.

3. Use Matte Texture and Finish Products

During summer, it is advisable to use only matte finish makeup products as they can stay for a longer duration. Refrain from using oil-based beauty products, serums, creams, etc as they can add extra shine to your face than necessary. If you still wish to add some glow to the face, then just add some blush to the cheeks and a soft tint to the lips.

4. Apply Bronzer and Highlighter for Glow

While it is advisable to use only matte beauty products, it is possible that you may miss out on the glow or shine factor. Simply use bronzer or highlighter to add the much-required glow and dewiness to your face. Add these shimmery products to the high points of the face like brow bone, nose, cheeks, and chin to reflect the light and make your face shine.

5. Get the Eye Makeup Right

Eye makeup is the most challenging part to ace your makeup during summer as the sweat can create a pool of creases on your lids. Prep your eyes before applying any eye makeup. First, wipe and clean the eyelids with a makeup wipe to clean dirt or any residual beauty product and allow it to dry. Apply a fine layer of eyeshadow primer and then add the eyeshadow of your choice to seal the pigment. Use the angled brush for a clean look.

6. Lock The Makeup With a Setting Spray

After the makeup application, you can use a makeup spray to lock in everything. This will ensure that your makeup remains intact even when you be outside for a longer time or in the hot sun. Also, for the touch-up, you can carry some powder and spray in your handbag. This helps keep the oiliness on your face if any and can also add a fresh, matte effect to your applied makeup.

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