May 30, 2023

Tips on how kids can start dressing themselves from an early age

It also encourages independence and having one less thing for you to do.

For your child to learn the process quickly, break getting dressed down into smaller, achievable steps.

According to the Raising Children Foundation, very young children start to be aware of clothing by pulling off easy-to-remove things like socks, shoes or hats and may try putting it on again.

You can build on this early awareness and education by naming the clothes your child has taken off and the body parts they go on.

Tips from Early Start Group for making getting dressed successful:

  • Make sure your child is developmentally ready to dress themselves.
  • Name the clothing and body parts they go on.
  • Start with easy clothing first, e.g. trousers with an elasticated waist or shoes with Velcro.
  • Allow a realistic amount of time for getting dressed.
  • If you’re often rushed in the morning, try choosing clothes with your child the night before.
  • When you’re in a hurry, let your child do the easy tasks and help them with the difficult tasks.
  • Practise getting dressed when you and your child are not in a hurry or tired.

Steps on putting trousers on:

  • Turn your trousers around so that the label is at the back.
  • Put your right foot in, then put your left foot.
  • Start to pull up the trousers to the knees.
  • Pull trousers to the top.

Steps on how to tie shoelaces:

  • Sit behind your child and guide their hands with your own.
  • Hold a lace in each hand, crisscross them into an X.
  • Then tuck one lace through the hole.
  • Pull both laces to tighten.

Remember to always praise your child when they complete each step of the task.

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