July 13, 2024

Tips to get Korean Glass Skin at home

Who does not want to have crystal clear skin and want to look spotless? We are sure everybody does irrespective of gender. When it comes to looking good and having healthy glowing skin, we opt for all the measures and try our best to look perfect. Now, talking about looking perfect and having spotless skin like a glass that is entirely influenced by Korean beauty. Here are some tips to get a glass like skin, courtesy MUA, Jasmine Bedi.

Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub is the best natural way of exfoliating the skin. It helps in replenishing dead cells and also helps in skin blood circulation by massaging with it for 10 minutes. To make the sugar scrub at home, all you need is sugar whether it is normal or brown sugar. You can also add half a tablespoon of both sugar mixing well with coconut oil. Here coconut oil moisturizes the skin for sustaining the glow.

Rice water

Another effective way of keeping your skin glowing is applying fermented rice water to your face. This fermented rice water helps in eliminating damages caused due to UV rays. This water also helps in the formation of collagen that directly helps your skin look like glass. To make this fermented rice water, you have to boil the rice and have to store the water after straining it. Then keep the water for 2 to 3 days for fermentation. After fermentation, it is ready to use.


Honey has all the good properties including antioxidant that helps the skin not just sustain the moisture but also make it glow for longer. It also contains other various nutrients that work on the skin amazingly. Make sure you are applying organic honey not the adulterated one. Apply regularly twice a day and cleanse with cold water.

Vitamin C and E serum

As our body requires vitamins, our skin requires too. You can either intake these vitamin capsules or can apply the serum to the skin directly. Applying serum every morning after cleansing with cold water can help the skin tighten and look wrinkle-free with extra shine.

Final word

There are other various ways you can get glass-like skin like applying makeup, serum, moisturizer, etc. with a strict skincare regime. Along with all the suggested tips make sure you are hydrated and so do your skin. Intake of water is essential for your skin. Make a routine and start following it strictly and see the difference.

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