February 27, 2024

Tips to Know Your Body Type And How to Style Yourself Accordingly

We all know someone who looks good in everything they wear! And that someone can be you too if you style according to your body type. Let’s find out what style works best on your body!

Ever felt that you never look good, no matter what you wear but, you find the female actors looking good in everything they wear? Well, it’s not because of how fine they look or how perfect their figure is. It’s because, either they have spent too much money on their stylist or they are aware of their body types, And while not everyone can afford an image coach or stylist, we are here to help! Here are a few easy ways to know your body type and how to style yourself accordingly:

1. Hourglass Figure: This is the body type that a lot of people also consider ideal as it means having equal proportions of fullness at your bust and hips and having a very narrow waist in comparison to your bust and hips.

Now, this type of body is really an asset and one should focus more on wearing silhouettes that enhance your natural curves rather than hiding them. Wearing something that is bodycon and fits well will enhance your body type. Some trends like boxy jackets and oversized clothes should be avoided as they can make people with this kind of body type look more voluminous than they actually are.

The low-waisted bottoms should also be a complete no-no, mid-rise or high-rise bottoms would be better silhouettes as they would provide a more defined waist. Some celebrities with hourglass body-type are Jhanvi Kapoor and Sonam Bajwa among others.

2. Pear-Shaped Figure: A very common body type in Asia is pear-shaped, which is also known as a triangle-shaped body type. Basically, if your hips are wider than your bust and shoulder, you have a pear-shaped body. Women with such body types gain weight in their lower parts like thighs and hips. So, the whole point of styling a pear-shaped body is balancing out the proportions and bringing about an alignment in the upper and lower halves. This can only be done in two ways:

1. By minimising the appearance of the dominant part which is your lower body by wearing bottoms in darker colours, and avoiding anything that draws attention to your hip area like a cropped jacket or blazer, a cross-body bag that sits on your waist, or embellishment around your thighs.

2. The other way to balance out proportions is by adding volume to the upper half. Wear accessories, and try puff-sleeved tops, structured blazers, or something that is colourful or embellished for your top-wear. Celebrities with such body types – Ileana D’cruz and Blake lively among others.

3. Inverted Triangle: Now, this body type is the exact opposite of a pear-shaped body. Basically, someone with an inverted triangle body type has the shoulders as their widest part in comparison to their hips and waist. Balancing out the proportion for this body type can be done by adding volume to the lower half and taking away the attention from the upper body.

A flared skirt, dress, or pants can give an optical illusion of emphasising more on the lower body and create a balance. Also, people with such body type should avoid heavy accessories around the neckline, and also coloured or embellished tops would be a no-no.

4. Apple Body Type: If you are a woman with an apple-shaped body, congratulations, you have a unique body that can’t be easily categorised! Now, in order to style your body, you have to first know about it all. First, just do away with the notion of having a plus-size figure. A woman with an apple-shaped body doesn’t necessarily mean that she is a plus-size figure. Usually, these are the people with narrow hips and broad shoulders that is generally aligned with the middle part of their body.

The trick to styling it in the best way is to not wear anything overtly fancy, heavy or embellished towards the mid section your body. Basically, avoid highlighting mid – part and you are good to go! Do not focus on hiding anything, instead focus on flaunting the best part. Wear off-shoulder dresses to flaunt those broad shoulders and a plunging neckline. Use your minis to draw attention to those killer legs and you’d be the queen of fashion at any event.

5. Rectangular Body Type: Shoulder and hips are of the same proportion with little to no definition in the waist. Most of the models have a rectangular body type. It is a straight silhouette of upper and lower half. The style that looks flattering on such body types is something that defines your waist.

For example – something feminine like a puff-sleeve on shoulders, fringes, A-line skirts and dresses – anything that widens the lower half, and belts and accessories that sit on your waist to break the straight line on torso. One should avoid oversized or boxy outfits and monochromatic looks.

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