April 12, 2024

Top 5 party fashion trends for kids

These days, the kids are very fashion savvy. They don’t want to compromise on their fashion quotient. They are very well aware of the global fashion trends around them and want to try out new styles. When it comes to fashion, they have their own style and taste and will stick to it come what may. The parents play an important role in selecting an outfit for the kids, the outfit selection choice of the parent’s matters a lot. We have collated the list of top 5 fashion trends for kids clothing that would grab everyone’s attention this year, courtesy Naveen Nebhnani, CEO, Mumkins.

Ethnic wear

Ethnic wear designed properly to make the child look elegant is always the choice of parents. A comfortable dress with good quality is their go-to dress for any occasion around the year. For girls, you can look for palazzo suits/salwar suits/lehenga/choli, and for boys you might look for kurta pyjamas with /without a jacket. The ethnic wear collection can be stored and kept ready in the wardrobe for a child as a pre-preparation for celebratory occasions.

Party wear

Kids love to dress up in comfortable yet trendy clothes, especially when it comes to a toddler’s party. They want to feel free in their clothes and so the parents want them to look stylish and pleasant. Boys want to look good in a basic, simple way. The party wear collection for boys starts from 3 piece party wear dresses to two-piece party outfits in different available colours with different patterns such as checkered/high-neck/suspender belt/calligraphic print/elegant tie and more. A variety of styles can make them look stylish and make them stand out in the crowd.


Girls have a natural fascination for dresses. There can never be enough dresses in their wardrobe. Their party wear collection can include elegant pieces of gowns for little girls in floral/dotted/sleeveless/onion/half-sleeves et al. These dresses not only take the style quotient of your kid a notch higher but are also comfortable to wear and are handy. They can also confidently carry their designed favorite look to a birthday party/play date at any time of the day and enjoy with their friends, comfortably.


‘Frocks’ are an evergreen trend in the girls’ fashion category. It is a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe for special occasions and festivities. It requires minimal accessories and will make your little one look like a princess from a fairytale. It is becoming popular among infants. It is perfect for any occasion where you might want to dress up your girl kid casually. These frocks are made of soft fabric and are easy to carry by the kids. Also, they don’t restrict her physical movements. Also, these can be paired with a good pair of shoes and sandals. After carrying this look confidently, available in different colours and combinations such as black and peach/glitter designs/fluffy net/princess frock/floral print/stripes and dots and more your kid will will definitely be the centre of attention.


The formal prints of suits are available as 4 piece boys suit/3 piece suits/ethnic suits as Jodhpuri/suits with bow/lining party wear set/stripes suit/suit with waistcoat/formal dress/texture party wear/royal wear/blazer suit will all make your child look besuited and fashionable all in an organized manner. An ordered appearance will always make your boy look smart and admirable.

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