October 4, 2023

4 Fashion Accessories Every Woman Must Carry In Her Handbag

From scrunchies to sunglasses, here are some of the things every woman must have in her handbag.

When it comes to bags, we all have a thing for them. A lady will never be seen without a bag, whether it’s a small crossbody bag or a large tote bag. The bag serves as a second home for us, and we carry the entire world in it. However, we sometimes carry unnecessary items while neglecting to include the items that our bag should have. These items are not only necessary, but they can also save your life in an emergency.

So, if you adore your purse as much as I do, make sure it has all of these items. These items are simple yet essential, and they should be in every woman’s handbag.


Yes, we all have the habit of leaving our hair down, but when the weather gets too hot, we can’t help but tie it up. Scrunchies come very handy in this case. Now, what if you misplace your one and only scrunchie? Carrying at least 2-3 scrunchies is a smart idea because it will not only make your hair uncomfortable, but it will also make you upset from all the perspiration.


Wearing sunglasses not only protects your health but also improves your vision in strong light. They reduce glare and improve colour and contrast in your view, allowing you to better appreciate your surroundings or drive safely. Even on partly overcast days, driving with sunglasses can improve your eyesight and reduce glare. You’ll be less stressed if you go fishing instead of driving.


A stole is an extremely versatile garment since it is an unstitched piece of material that may be draped in as many different styles as you desire, depending on your body type. A loose wrap over your neck, for example, can add volume to your neck and shoulders (perfect for a pear-shaped body); you can use it as a belt to cinch and accentuate your waistline; and you can even turn it into a skirt, top, or shrug!

A voluminous fabric (woollen or firm net) can make you appear bulkier, so choose your fabric wisely. On solid-colored clothes, printed stoles look terrific, but layering print over print can be problematic. Multiple designs and colours might make you appear larger, so choose colours that match your skin tone.


Carrying hoops and a bracelet might add some glitter to your clothing if you have to go to an unforeseen party. When there’s a surprise party and you don’t have a party dress on, these accessories come in useful. Simply add some accessories and you’re ready to go.

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