June 24, 2024

5 Anti-Ageing Skin Care Tips For Women

Here is a list of a few anti-ageing tips and tricks of skincare for women

Ageing is a natural process and nothing can really stop the process. However, one can take steps to delay or prolong early signs of skin ageing. Also, the early signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles which usually start showing in the 30s can be reduced if you cater to various skin care regimes and routines.

The skin on the face, especially the areas surrounding the eyes and the neck, are the spots which first start showing signs of ageing. One needs to take proper care of the skin and stick to a skincare routine if one wishes to keep the skin looking youthful. We have curated a list of a few skincare tips for women that can help delay the signs of ageing.

5 Tricks And Tips To Delay The Ageing Process

1. Regular Cleansing

Using cleansers should be included in your skincare routine whether you follow anti-ageing skincare or not. After a day out in pollution, bacteria and other impurities accumulate on the face which makes it very important to clean them by washing the face with gentle cleansers. Check the ingredients before investing and choose a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin type.

2. Gentle Exfoliation

The ageing process slows down and delays the process of regeneration of skin. Dead cells take time to be replaced by fresh cells. And due to this the skin starts looking dull. Exfoliation is a process by which you can remove the dead cells from the skin to give you a clean, youthful looking skin. Choose a gentle exfoliator to begin with, to make your skin used to the process.

3. Ample Moisturisation

Dull, stretched and dehydrated skin usually leads to early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. When the skin lacks moisture, it gets dry and flaky and causes the onset of signs of aging. Moisturise the skin regularly, especially after exfoliation and look for hyaluronic acid and glycerin in the ingredients list.

4. Never Skip The Sunscreen

Beauty experts cannot emphasise enough on the use of sunscreens in your daily life. The harmful radiation of the sun is responsible for the visible signs of ageing. They break down the collagen in the sign which causes the skin to get wrinkles and also develop pigments. So regularly applying sunblock creams, lotions or gels will work best if you want to delay the aging process.

5. Give Special Attention To The Eyes

The most delicate part of the body that starts showing the ageing signs at the earliest are the eyes. The skin surrounding the eyes is the thinnest and demands special attention. Keeping the area hydrated with dedicated creams and serums would go a long way in protecting it. Use night-time products for the eyes as it would give the eyes enough time to restore and rejuvenate.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, one can reduce the early signs of ageing by eating a balanced diet and taking vitamin C supplements after consulting your dermat. We advise you to talk to your doctor before including any new product in your skincare routine.

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