June 24, 2024

5 Dressing Tips And Tricks For A Tall Body Frame

Seeing people with long legs to strut for days may seem like they’re pretty sorted on the sartorial front. However, not everyone realizes that being tall comes with its own share of fashion woes. Things like struggling with the length of the pants, sleeves etc. during a shopping trip are somethings you’ve dealt with all of your life! This varies further because everyone has a unique body type. You can be tall but be curvy, lean or extremely slim. But the trick to dressing your best comes with a few effective sartorial tips, which you can abide by to amp up your confidence and enhance your figure. To know more, keep scrolling!

5 style tips all tall girls need to know:

1) Flare It Up

The flared leg trend is perfect for you to play around with! Being tall automatically gives you the advantage of pulling off this look with utmost ease. Tuck your blouse in for a chicer look, one that will highlight your long legs. The floor-skimming length and the wide legs are two characteristics that will complement a tall stature.

2) Meet Me Midi-way

Another style of bottoms that are made for the tall are midi-skirts, midi-dresses and even maxi-skirts and dresses. Usually, mid-calf hemlines are tricky as they can cut your length. But with height in your favour, this cropped length does not affect your appearance much! So, always remember to take advantage of midi or maxi pieces as they will always enhance your fabulous long legs!

3) One-Piece Wonder

While jumpsuits look great on everyone, their charm on tall people is undeniable. Why? Because they’re not separates but a single piece, they look slightly more flattering on those with height as they really enhance one’s silhouette. They’re the perfect way to go when you want to look dressy with minimal effort!

4) Strap It Up

Even though you’re tall, the shoes you select do have an impact on your silhouette. Avoid stubby shoes at all costs as they are a mismatch for you. Opt for strappy shoes or sandals in neutral colours. Ankle-straps are a great feature for those with height. Moreover, if you require a slight elevation, block heels are a great option to consider.

5) Go Big

Yet another trend that is in your favour is that of oversized and baggy clothing. There is nothing better than comfortable baggy clothes that look super stylish at the same time. On a long frame, maxi dresses, oversized shirts and t-shirt dresses sit well. They complement the tall stature without making one look awkward! So when the mood is cute and comfy, oversized is the road to take!

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