June 24, 2024

7 tips for choosing the perfect stay at-home outfit for your child

Since staying in is the new normal, we’re slowly mastering the art of stylish yet comfortable loungewear. And while your stay-at-home uniform might need to be video conference ready, your child’s doesn’t. Comfort is key for your little ones, especially while they’re firmly ensconced in the school or nursery of mum and dad, so here’s how to choose the comfiest, coolest clothing for your child.

Cotton is king

First things first – kids rarely sit still. So their clothing needs to be flexible, ready to weather any running, jumping or climbing storm. Avoid stiff materials that hinder their movements, and look to cottons and jersey to keep them prepped and ready for action.

Finesse the fit

No-one feels comfortable in clothing that rides up. Look for longer tops and tees, or switch to bodysuits so their skin won’t be exposed. Dungarees are a great choice to combat this; try jersey versions that move with your child with ease.

Make them hardy

Days at home aren’t the time for pretty, delicate dresses or linen shirts – kids clothes need to be hardy. If anyone’s going to put them through their paces, it’ll be your little darlings! Swap tights for leggings and trousers for stretchy jeans.

PJs all day

Who says you can’t stay in your pyjamas all day? A duvet day calls for comfy yet cool pyjama.

No excess, please

Tight clothing is a no no for kids, but equally, anything too loose will simply get in the way. Swathes of material might look pretty but when you’re at home, it’ll get caught here, there and everywhere. Save the big, puffy skirts or baggy trousers for dress-up.

Snuggle in style

Happy family living isn’t just about comfy clothes – adequate snuggle accessories are important too. When it’s time to cuddle up and read a book (or watch TV for five minutes peace), a cosy waffle knit blanket or jersey-covered duvet will make down times feel special.

Learn to layer

Big jumpers might seem like a good idea but when the house inevitably starts to heat up with all that kiddie energy, your child will be bugging you to shed the bulk and change into something lighter. Pop on layers instead with tees, long-sleeved tops, cardigans or lightweight sweatshirts.

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