May 30, 2023

Here’s Why As A Parent You Should Make Sustainable Fashion Choices For Your Kids

It is imperative for parents today to make sustainable choices for their kids so that they grow up in a better world. It can begin with choosing the right clothing. Here, our expert shared the benefits of making sustainable fashion choices for kids.

The sustainable fashion wave has hit the world and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, fashion aficionados have already given their approval, and a lot of people today across the world are doing their bit to take the responsible route with their fashion picks. While a lot of people are now aware of sustainable fashion, there is still a long way to go. Adapting sustainability isn’t a day’s task and we can only reach there one step at a time.

Eco kids wear is here to make this a better world and we aren’t complaining. However, for parents who are new to the concept of sustainable clothing for kids, it will be a difficult choice to make. Ms Ruchi Sahay, Co-Founder and Director, Earthy Tweens, an online destination offering sustainable kids’ clothing and asked her to share some lesser-known benefits of choosing sustainable clothing for kids.

What Is Sustainable Clothing And Why Is It Important?

Sustainable clothes are prepared using eco-friendly fabrics which can be reused, and recycled. The idea is to restrict the use of our limited natural resources. Further, sustainable choices have a positive impact on the environment overall and promise a cleaner, healthier planet for our kids in the future.

Benefits Of Sustainable Clothing For Kids

  • Sustainable clothing is delicate and toxin-free. Hence, it is suitable for children’s permeable skin, which absorbs everything.
  • Organic fashion production is not a water-intensive activity. Minimal water is used in the production of the organic fibre used to make sustainable clothes. It conserves water and is thus good for our environment.
  • Sustainable fashion is eco-friendly and pollution-free wear, offers the best form of clothing material for children, and superior quality that every parent looks for.
  • Outfits prepared using sustainable materials are soft and easy to wash. Since children are most likely to soil their clothes daily, sustainable clothes make the perfect choice for parents.
  • Children have permeable skin which is susceptible to skin issues like hives, rashes, and itches. Since sustainable outfits are light and fine, they are just perfect for children, they protect their skin from harmful agents.
  • The low wearing-down capacity of sustainable outfits, means they last longer with an uncompromising standard and quality is another reason why parents should opt for them.
  • Sustainable clothes are made without the use of harmful fertilisers and chemicals. Natural seeds and organic processes are used to prepare these environment-friendly clothes. Choosing to buy clothes also means you are safeguarding your child’s future.
  • Though organic fashion is a little expensive, the quality justifies its cost denominators. Sustainable clothing doesn’t use harmful dye chemicals, its production involves minimal water usage. Further, it preserves natural resources and stands uncompromisingly against their exploitation.

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