June 24, 2024

Makeup tips for women with salt and pepper hair

According to what they say, age is just a number these days. The entire fashion industry and the makeup business are ruled by trends nowadays. As surprising as it may sound, we have seen many youngsters or early middle-aged people opting for a salt & pepper look. However, most of them also worry that the trending salt-and-pepper hair look leaves a pale and washed-out look on their face. But with a few adjustments to your makeup, you can feel comfortable and fabulous with your salt & pepper hair look.

Here are some tips for you:

1. Focus on your brows: Eyebrows frame any face regardless of hair colour, but this becomes particularly crucial with salt and pepper hair, which makes you appear more washed out. It is essential to distinguish them from your head hair. You don’t need to make your eyebrows look unnatural; simply maintain them as natural as possible while still standing out. Include brow liners in your regular routine or get them dyed.

2. Define your eyes: Eyeliner will make your eyes shine, and it’s ideal to use an eye pencil that complements your eye colour. It is possible that liquid and gel eyeliners are too dramatic for you, but you can experiment to determine what looks most attractive on you. Brown, slate or blue pencil liner can certainly subtly enhance your eyes.

3. Highlight your cheeks: Blush is an excellent way to add colour to your face and avoid looking pale. Apply a bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards to create a lifted appearance. Use a blush in a light shade that makes your complexion appear more youthful and bright.

4. Opt for bold lips: This may make some people uncomfortable, especially if they are used to neutral lipstick. When paired with a salt-and-pepper hairstyle, neutral hues (such as rose or nude) tend to fall flat. Instead, choose brighter colours such as bright berry or pink-peach or lipsticks that are darker.

5. Eyeshadow to stand out: When applying eyeshadow, choose light, neutral colours such as beige, light browns, and grey. These hues will draw your attention forward. If you prefer a bold look, choose an eyeshadow palette with a selection of vivid colours, such as hot pink, purple, and navy blue.

And that wraps things up! The beauty of salt-and-pepper hair stands on its own as a statement unto itself. Using just a few of these easy makeup tips will help you achieve a completely different look.

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