May 26, 2024

Monsoon Fashion Trends 2024: Style Tips For Men To Follow This Season

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? When our otherwise flawless ensemble was ruined by a sudden downpour. In other words, the rains can easily put a damper (pun not intended) on an otherwise great outfit. This is why monsoon style is all about balancing practicality with functionality. Waterproofing your electronics and footwear isn’t enough – it’s time to make your entire wardrobe rainproof! From investing in fabrics that align with the weather and waterproof accessories to mastering layering and experimenting with prints and hues, here are the monsoon fashion trends of 2024.

2024 monsoon fashion trends and tips for men

Ditch the denim

When it rains, it’s wise to ditch denim for more weather-appropriate options. You can go for lightweight chinos or trousers or opt for quick-drying joggers in moisture-wicking fabrics, as these alternatives offer comfort in humid and rainy weather.

Style tip: Pair them with lightweight cotton shirts or graphic t-shirts for an effortlessly cool and comfortable ensemble. You can also add pops of vibrant colours (red, blue, yellow) to enhance your everyday look.

Don’t forget monsoon outerwear

This monsoon season, make outerwear your best friend by investing in good-quality jackets and raincoats that will protect you from sudden rain showers. For jackets, consider styles such as parka jackets, long trench coats and zipper hoodies that offer a stylish way of protecting yourself from harsh weather conditions. Also, look out for add-on functional features such as adjustable hoods and sealed seams that make it easier to stay dry from head to toe.

Style tip: Pick earthy-coloured jackets and raincoats that will easily match the rest of your outfits. Opt for shades such as olive, tan, beige, charcoal, khaki and black. Brands such as Uniqlo, Onitsuka Tiger, Superdry, Adidas, Marks & Spencer and others are known for their functional outerwear.

Comfort is key: Invest in breathable fabrics

One of the most important 2023 monsoon fashion trends involves investing in breathable fabrics. Go for fabrics such as cotton, linen and chambray that allow better airflow and help keep you cool all day long. These fabrics are lightweight and absorb moisture, making them the ideal choice during humid weather. Look for clothing items such as shirts, t-shirts, and trousers made from these fabrics for this season. Nylon and polyester can have quick-drying properties, so look out for jackets and shirts in those fabrics.

Style tip: Linen shirts can be paired with linen or cotton trousers and waterproof sandals. The entire look can be completed with a sleek trench coat or nylon jacket that will protect you from all sorts of weather conditions.

Waterproof accessories

When talking about monsoon accessories, waterproof accessories are vital for keeping your belongings safe and dry. So instead of regular laptop bags, go for waterproof laptop bags or backpacks made from materials like PVC that offer excellent water resistance. Additionally, waterproof phone covers and AirPod cases made out of silicon and plastic make for smart choices to safeguard your electronic devices.

Style tip: Look for designs with sealed zippers or roll-top closures for additional protection against the rain. Brands such as HK Basics, Daily Objects, H&M and others offer a wide range of phone covers and AirPod cases to match your style.

Functional footwear FTW!

Functional footwear is a step forward (pun not intended, again!) in monsoon fashion. Choosing monsoon-appropriate footwear is crucial for navigating wet and slippery conditions. So, look out for waterproof shoes, boots and sandals made from materials like rubber or synthetic fabrics that repel water and keep your feet dry. You should consider footwear with anti-slip soles to prevent accidents on slippery surfaces. Rain-friendly sneakers with water-resistant coatings also make for a stylish choice. Finally, prioritise quick-drying materials to avoid discomfort.

Style tip: While choosing footwear for monsoons, go for designs with adjustable closures like velcro or elastic laces for easy wearing and removal. Birkenstocks offers a wide range of comfortable sandals that are specially made to tackle rain. Similarly, you can opt for other brands such as Crocs, Asics, Adidas and Puma.

Be creative with layering

To make your monsoon ensembles even more appealing, layering can be an effective tool as it allows you to adapt to changing weather conditions. Start with a lightweight and breathable base layer such as a moisture-wicking t-shirt or a linen shirt. Add a jacket or overshirt made from water-resistant materials like nylon or polyester as a middle layer for extra protection from the rains. Look out for options with hoods or removable linings for versatility and complete your look with a waterproof outer layer such as a raincoat or parka jacket. Taking this layered approach also means you can easily adjust your outfit throughout the day and stay comfortable (and dry!) in the monsoon season.

Experiment with vibrant colours and patterns

Embrace the rainy season fashion by experimenting with vibrant colours and patterns in your outfits. Go for bold and lively hues like yellow, orange, purple and green to add vibrancy to your wardrobe. Another effective way to incorporate these shades is by choosing colourful patterns such as tropical prints, floral motifs and abstract designs to showcase your individual style.

Consider printed shirts, t-shirts or accessories like scarves/pocket squares to make a statement. You can also pair these vibrant pieces with neutral bottoms like khaki shorts or solid chinos to create a balanced look. By infusing your outfits with vibrant colours and patterns, you can brighten up rainy days and showcase your inner fashionista.

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