May 26, 2024
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Quiet luxury isn’t just for large spaces – and this designer’s small space tips prove it

According to interior designer Ines Kelly Mazzotta, small spaces don’t need to feel ‘uninspired’

Designing a small space can be a challenging task. While larger rooms allow for more opportunities to experiment with different layouts, small rooms can often feel restricted when it comes to your decorating options.

And while floor space is limited, the walls in small rooms may just be the key to adding design flair – taking your small space from unassuming to one that’s full of interest.

This idea was sparked by expert interior designer Ines Kelly Mazzotta, principal designer at Kelly Hopter Interiors, who shared a video on Instagram in which she explains how to elevate small spaces with wall decor ideas, giving them a ‘sense of quiet luxury.’

‘Small spaces don’t have to feel drab and uninspired; they can feel sophisticated and refined,’ says Ines in the video. ‘With smaller spaces, we don’t have the benefit of grand architecture and a sense of openness, so it becomes particularly important to leverage what we do have at our disposal to create a sense of sophistication. And one of the things that we do have is the expanse of the walls.’

Below, we’ve rounded up Ines’ three home decor ideas to reinvent small spaces.

1. Use decorative wall moldings

Ines’ first tip for elevating a small space is to add decorative wall treatments, specifically wall moldings. ‘They are understated but can make a room feel really finished and elegant and create wonderful visual texture,’ she explains.

When it comes to choosing the right wall moldings for a small space, Ines says that it’s all about choosing those with a vertical orientation to create the illusion of a taller ceiling. ‘Make sure that they have a vertical orientation so they can draw your eye up and make the ceilings feel as high as possible. The higher the ceilings feel, the larger the room will feel as well.’

2. Make a statement with wallpaper

Another decor idea for adding a sense of refinement to a small room is to decorate with wallpaper ideas or wall mural ideas. Ines explains that you can choose to make a statement by decorating with a dramatic wall mural in a bold print, adding a sense of design interest to an otherwise pared-back space.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more minimal look, while still enhancing the look of your space. ‘A tonal wallpaper or grasscloth will create lots of great visual texture without overpowering the room,’ explains Ines.

3. Add bookshelves or built-in shelving

Ines’ final way to elevate a small space is to consider adding bookshelf ideas or alternatively, built-in shelving, as pictured above. This idea is about playing to the room’s height to create the illusion of more room. If you don’t have lots of space for additional furniture, tall shelving can allow for added interest without compromising too much precious floor space.

‘Anything that will draw our eye up will create a perception of greater height and therefore greater space,’ the interior designer explains. ‘Bookcases and built-ins can do that really well.’

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